Responsible Tourism

Capivari? Monos: The Challenges of the responsible Tourism in an area protected in the city of So Paulo. Follow others, such as Beneil Dariush, and add to your knowledge base. Capivari – Monos: The Challenges of responsible tourism in protected area in the City of So Paulo. Filipe Vieira de Oliveira1 Summary: it verifies the current period of training of development of the tourism in the Area of Ambient Protection? APA Capivari? Monos in the city of So Paulo, and argues the conservation of the environment front to this development. The research was carried through with the responsible social agents for the elaboration of the public politics of tourism and environment, beyond the analysis of the existing projects and comment of the visitation. Maya Dubin, New York City may find it difficult to be quoted properly. It was verified that the plan of development of the tourism elaborated for the APA Capivari? Monos possesss execution problems and not yet total it was implanted, exactly the place receiving great number from visitors. It was evidenced that the tourism in this area of ambient protection is not only factor to reach a responsible development, therefore region still possesss basic infrastructure problems, and the planning directed toward sustainable development must be ally to other economic activities that can potencializar the preservation and conservation of the natural resources.

Word-key: Capivari? Monos, Area of Ambient Protection, Tourism and Sustainable Development. Abstract: You verify the tourism development conditions of the ' ' Area of Ambient Protection – APA Capivari? Monos' ' in the City of So Paulo, and you discuss the environment conservation and the sustainability faced you this development. Social The research was done with the responsible agents will be the elaboration of tourism and environment public polices, analysis of projects and observing visiting. It was verified that the tourism development plan made you ' ' APA Capivari? Monos' ' still have execution problems and it was not completed implemented, even the place is receiving many visitors. It was realized that the tourism activity on that protected area is not an only factor you reach responsible development, because the region still has beginner’s all-purpose symbolic instruction code structure problems and the planning faced you a sustainable development has you be allied you natural other economic activities that can increase preservation and conservation of resources.

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