Remedy Women’s Illness

A woman is most sensitive to stress, social and domestic turmoil, pollution, poor food and water. These factors can lead to reduced immunity, hormonal balance and, consequently, cause this or that disease. One of the most common diseases that arise on this background, a disease of the breast – breast. Equally important is heredity, but the cause of the disease may be the same way that a woman has no children or later, gave birth to her first child, had an abortion, is suffering from gynecological diseases, obesity, diabetes, liver disease. Since the causes of mastitis much, for its prevention and treatment requires a holistic approach. One of the most successful drugs used for prevention and the treatment of mastitis is Feokarpin ( This drug based on the natural pine St. Petersburg complex medical scientists.

Since ancient times, known for the healing properties of conifers – pine needles out of potions heals wounds, was treated with inflammation and beriberi, scurvy and bleeding gums. Feokarpin passed pre-clinical and clinical trials in Oncology Research Institute. Professor Petrov Research Institute of Pulmonology, Institute of Cardiology, Russian Ministry of Health and other leading medical institutions in Russia. Doctors Mammalogy, successfully using this drug for the treatment of mastitis, confirmed that his admission in patients weakened pain in the breast, in some patients there is regression of the disease. Feokarpin – a real storehouse of health! Due to the unique natural complex drug has anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, hemopoietic properties. By increasing the protective functions body Feokarpin becomes an indispensable tool for the prevention of influenza epidemics during and ARI. On the universal recognition of the merits of this drug is the fact that in 2001 was awarded the Academy of Natural Sciences Feokarpin Gold Medal. Mechnikov "For a practical contribution to improving the health of the nation." For more information about the illness and medication can be found at

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