Rehabilitation And Frustration

Who's fault is it that we suddenly (or suddenly) are disappointed in some man? Only we ourselves – in fact it is we come up with some sort of image, ideal, and try to adjust the real person under this idol. And somehow severely distressed, when a person does not fit into these frameworks devised by us, does not correspond to our idea of it. A man – oddly enough – absolutely not obliged to meet our requirements, he has every right to their thoughts and actions. People – is a microcosm, a unique universe that can not fit in any of the border. And at least the stupid sad that someone thinks or does not, as we wanted it or expected. So – Do not make yourself an idol – and will not be upset and / or disappointed. After re-, as well as outargue, man is not possible. People do not accept pressure.

Even if all the arguments but 100% correct and rational, but the other person feels that he wants to make agree or do anything, it's likely he'll go on the principle not to make what was demanded of him. We can only explain the interlocutor their views. substantiate it, and to provide a colleague / friend / child continue to think and choose for yourself. And if you want to persuade someone to your side, you should present information in a way – skillfully and subtly that the person had the impression that he wished it, it – his idea and his decision. Only then we can assume that the victory has been achieved, and both of you – the winners, as this is another step towards the target. For example, to teach young people to do (or not do) something you can only own example. Is it possible to say: 'The sun, smoking is not good, "while letting smoke rings from his own mouth? Or prohibit child to use certain words without deleting them from your vocabulary? Typically, a child – especially a small – always looks at his parents as a standard of conduct, adopting their model of life style and behavior. But if he hears from you one thing, and sees – for you the same (!) – Absolutely the opposite of what exactly would he believe? And in general, whether He then believe you? Want your child did so anyway – primarily to introduce myself to do it. The only way we can show, teach, train and educate.

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