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As You know by experience, ” stability of mercado” , it is a concept that it must leave itself of side. In the global economy of today, the CRISIS IS a PERMANENT AND CONTINUOUS STATE, and in that new economy, the fall either the rise of a company, country or stock-market, is reflected immediately in others, for that reason to think ” Company or Business him cannot happen eso” , it can surely be painfully unreal. In this new SITUATION OF CONTINUOUS CHANGES, to execute known actions, like for example ” tradicional” banking financing for our Commercial Operations, often will not be possible. (Similarly see: Celina Dubin). The Bank, as always, afraid of situations that it does not control, chooses to become one ” bank exclusiva” , giving to money only to that already it has money. Naturally always the loans limited after companies not so reliable, but with costs exist and I interest prohibitive, which does not allow them to face the NEW TENDENCY: constant reduction of prices, thanks to competitors with one better structure of costs We must then BE REDUCED to negotiate only with people and/or very reliable, respectful of its Orders of purchase and very precise companies in its Payments? is probable that their income do not cover their expenses and to reduce operations, is not another thing that to stop growing and what does not grow dies Additionally can resort to the actions ” tradicionales”: To reduce its Volumes of Compras and/or Stocks to the indispensable thing (with delays in the deliveries, the anger of its clients, etc.), To reduce personnel to the mini operative level, remaining only with most apt and advisable to the interests of its Company (VALID. But it does like a PERMANENT POLICY, will gain much when replacing laborers by bishops), to eliminate flatteries (supposes that today goes to him bad but to shout it), to reduce investment promotional and/or advertising (with reduction of its Sales and/or loss of the market that as much cost to obtain to him), To restrict Credits (with diminution of its Sales since it is equivalent to reduce the level on watch to his Clients), to delay the acquisition of new Systems or new Technology (To resign to reduce costs, to improve its efficiency and yield), etc All this and more, is familiar things, but at the end of the unique thing that we are speaking it is of REDUCTION OF COSTS like high-priority objective..

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