Real Guys

Do you love the series as I love them? Someone might say that the series is a waste of time, someone that is fun for girls … Arguments against a lot, but today I will give you some pros! First of all, a good episode (and I talking about just good, not about mass consumption) can significantly raise your mood ('The Big Bang Theory', for example), spirits and a positive ('How I Met Your Mother', certainly not by STS, and gourmet), as well as give food for reflection (eg, 'Dexter'). Secondly, so much nicer to spend time and more useful than stupidly wander down the street and plump (sorry if someone hurt such a statement). Pros can list up to infinity, but let's go back to the topic – the new TV series on TNT – 'Real boys'. As I'm sure you know, unknown to me until a reader, 8th November 2010 started showing the series Real boys TNT.

What can you say about him? After viewing the first series of this work, I had no one opinion – on the one hand, the show seemed the next trash-movie – like, a film about ordinary gopotu, which in bulk in every Russian court. But on the other hand, all the characters of the series have a certain charisma. In the show, just a very original idea – he was shot in the format 'reality show' – the protagonist, Kolyanu, given a choice – either to sit in jail, or get on the path of reform, which will take operator – the whole life parade! After watching the following series begin to understand that Kolyan sincerely trying to improve. It's very interesting to observe the process. At the same time, the people around him, mostly his friends, obviously pull it back. In general, the series definitely worthwhile, everyone should watch it!

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