Purified Drinking Water

Water delivery to the office and at home – a great way to take care of their health, health of our families and staff. How to choose drinking water? Largely a matter of taste, but the main criteria of good drinking water should know. There are two kinds of purified drinking water – water from underground sources and water, glacier, lake, river. The state standard for bottled drinking water divides for water and high water, the first category. To to select high-quality drinking water, should take a look at the label – there should be a notation "GOST R 52109-2003" or "W 0131 " Water delivery to the office – good deal.

However, not being an expert in this area, it is difficult to distinguish ordinary drinking purified water from the natural mineral water. It's okay from this mess will not happen – both of these types of drinking water good for your health, but in any case of trouble getting one instead of another. This mineral drinking water on its label contains information such as "TU 9185 , well as the number or the name of the well source of mineral water. Such water is bottled without further treatment, saving all its natural qualities.

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