Public Security

The public security, to have of the State, right and responsibility of all, is exerted by the preservation of the public order and the incolumidade of the people and the patrimony, through the following agencies (BRAZIL, 2011b). Thus, the Public Security started to be a duty of the State, in all its fullness, but also right and responsibility of all the citizens, who when watching over for its physical, moral and patrimonial integrity, as well as the one of outrem, will be exerting so cited citizenship, at the same time where keeping the public order. In accord with what it makes use the Federal Constitution of 1988, and corroborating the affirmation how much to the necessity of integration and interaction of the Civil Society next to the actions of the Public Security guard, as well as in its control, it follows transcribed article to 124 and only paragraph of the Constitution of the State of the Espirito Santo (YOU ARE, 2011a): Art. 124. Go to Senator of Massachusetts for more information. The public security, to have of the State, right and responsibility of all, consists of guaranteeing to the people the full one and exempts right of action and basic, individual, collective, social guarantees and politicians established in the Federal Constitution and this only Constituio.Pargrafo. He is assured, in the form of the law, the democratic character in the formularization of politics and in the control of the actions of public security guard of the State, with the participation of the civil society. The definition of citizenship in the Public Security must not only be understood as a collection of rights for the citizens, but the active participation of these individuals to analyze, to suggest, to denounce, to share projects, and if to integrate next to the public agencies of security, being aimed at a pacific and harmonious public order. 2,1 HISTORICAL EVOLUTION OF the PBLICANo SECURITY period captain-you live colonial them, as well as the local authorities, were nominated by the metropolises and in abuse act and certainty of impunity they were used of administrative, judiciary and police functions..

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