Private Health Insurance

When to expect a rejection of self-employed status is long no guarantee for admission to private health insurance. So certain professions is expected according to the private insurance portal experience shows that a detailed credit check. Especially people who practise professions with a high health risk or heavy physical usage, be critically checked by the individual companies. But also professional athletes and foreign residents should expect difficult admission procedure. Innkeepers, sales representative, or professionals in the trade, craft and industry must refute insinuated them lower credit quality in-depth research testing. In addition, these professions in the obligation to prove a prior health insurance available. Very low chances of a recording in the PKV also consumers with health-sensitive occupations, such as for example bodyguards.

Also undergoing occupational groups, to doing the heavy physical work have. These include, for example, butcher, acrobats, and forestry workers. Also, applicants who are active in the night or in the animation field, should prepare for difficult shooting conditions. Contracts come here only rarely. However, in some cases, a purely formal renaming can lead to a positive outcome of the Treaty.

So the label is independent sales assistant ‘ in comparison to photo model’ acceptance of larger companies. At the choice of the sick n must respect two principles. Firstly it should be used to not too early and on the other hand not too high by the applicant. A waiting period is acceptable in each case up to the 28th day of the disease. However, the insurance will be suspicious when a requested medical allowance of 100 euros from the 21st day. More information:

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