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The cold season – at least according to the calendar – stands at the door and the mountains are calling. Are you one of the ski lovers, whose thoughts wander more and more to sun, wind and panoramic views? Then you should consider well during your holiday preparations, the equipment selection. Do you want to start the season only once to test a couple of skis or have you decided to buy a quality brand equipment? Contact on alpine skis, carving skis you prefer, or should it be a snowboard? For classic alpine skiing, such as the Atomic Ski the waist is weaker than that of a carving ski. Due to the waist and the design features tailored to flex (deflection at the transverse axis) and torsion (torsional rigidity about the longitudinal axis) are carving skis easier to turn than alpine skiing. This affects the style of driving. The snowboard should also be taken to the waist. Narrow waist leads to radically cut corners.

Beginners should use the boards rather moderate waisted , since the edges then access to the support points is not as strong and the board does not react so sensitively to edge error curves. The basic rule is that wide snowboards are more suitable for large feet and small bond angles. Narrow boards can be sure umkanten easier and faster. At first glance one might think that the meaning of the technical developments of recent years now the end for the final Alpine skiing. But neither the trendsetter carving skis still have the switch on the snowboard prevailed among the general mass of the ski lovers. If we are to believe the sales, the company is Atomic Austria GmbH is the world's most successful manufacturer of racing skis and Atomic ski company named after one of the most popular Markenski. Your skis are valued among other things, your energy, precision and vivacity. With the ski and snowboard equipment SNOW-HOW! January to March you can borrow, and of course the Christmas or Easter holidays right up to 700 pairs of skis as good as new on-site. Of course you are also all year round brand products from leading manufacturers to an absolute bargain prices.

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