Photoshop Image

We recommend for 600 or 720 dpi (dots per inch) printer, scan the image in 120 up to 240 dpi. Alterations: you can improve the image with image editing software alterations depend on the State of the photo. You can use Photoshop to perform touch-ups in detail (although experience is needed) or some other more simple program image editing such as those mentioned in one of our previous post: with photoshop you can: correct color and brightness, remove dust, remove scratches, Scriptures, correct red color effect, etc. The problem is we need to do all this kind of photo retouching learn to use such software and hours of practice to gain experience. File: as you save the image the most popular options for saving the image are: using the format JPEG (.jpg) or TIFF (.tif).

JPG files compress very much an (ideal to send by e-mail) image data, but use a system that discards information to achieve this. Each time that you open the file and record (in an image editor), you lose a bit of quality. This is controlled: most of the programs allows you to choose the quality you want for the file. The TIF format is the most popular in professional environments because its compression method does not preclude data: no matter how many times you edit the image, the quality will be the same. If you plan to touch up the image, you can save the original as TIF, make a copy in JPG and edit the latter. Get a good result is not a simple process, it takes experience, time and money. Generally to scan photos in quantity and get good quality images is best to send your collection to a professional digital imaging service do it for you. This will allow you not only to get a better result, but it will also be faster, you save money and your time (that much is worth). ScanCorner specializes in scanning photos, scan negative scan slides, negative scanning, digitizing slides and also in your standard service includes a basic restoration service for which you need not pay extra. Begin to assemble your collection of photos with ScanCorner, place your order and turns into a satisfied customer. Enter to and know all of our services and benefits.

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