Do not try to force a cat to take exactly the place you for her schedule. Try to do it gently and do not immediately. She realized that it is required. Cat can not be fully house trained, but it can be an excellent partner. Dr. John Mcdougall: the source for more info. Do not treat animals brutally when moving, try not to cause him pain at the same time. Senator Elizabeth Warren is actively involved in the matter.

Wean cat from bad habits can only be gradual, but did not scream and beaten, and repeatedly quietly repeating the word "no" or "impossible" with the name of the cat and patiently remove it from the "crime scene" – a table, chairs, chair, closet. In no event should not be used to punish such practices as confinement in a closet or bathroom and food deprivation. In addition to bitterness and unpleasant surprises in the form of smeared shoe, it will not work. How to help your cat to take care of wool. Wash or not wash your cat, comb her hair or not? Then it all depends on your desire. In fact, most cats perfectly did its own – themselves wash themselves combed. Wash the cat freely walk the streets, generally useless: every day, she examines the neighborhood home, and certainly not on asphalt tracks.

Bathing a cat, we must remember that her head watering can in any case, it also follows that no water fell into her ears. Wool Persian and other long-haired cats require daily care, but frequent bathing is contraindicated. Better buy a few ridges of rare and more frequent teeth comb.

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