Fragrances react differently to changes in temperature, humidity level. In a humid, hot climate flavors spread faster, and 'heavy' heavier scents. In dry and cold weather scents 'muted'. The skin of each person has a peculiar odor. It depends not only on the degree of oily skin, but also on how a person eats, in what emotional state is in what environmental and social conditions of living. All the oily, spicy food makes your skin more tang.

Even more to the properties of the skin may affect take drugs, vitamins and other pharmacological agents. The perception of flavor imprint and the menstrual cycle of women. In the 'critical' days, the sense of smell changes, so the choice of perfume these days it is better not to hurry. In many stores for samples offer paper strips. On the one hand, they are very comfortable, but on the other – do not give a chance to feel like one or another flavor of 'sound' it on your skin.

On the skin surface are constant different chemical processes that will determine the nature of evaporation of perfume deposited on it. At the same flavor blends with the body, and you already can no longer just get rid of it: the chemical composition of the body affects the fragrance and turns in a very individual quality. That's why the same perfume in different individuals may be slightly different smell. Another rule of thumb when choosing spirits – not to hurry! Because it takes time to weathered alcohol, and aroma is fully revealed. Suddenly discover an unwanted note? Wander a bit of shopping or go home – because they liked the spirits can be bought and tomorrow – svyknites with flavor and listen. If you completely familiar with the new scent, if you are happy with it, you can rest assured that this is your scent. Hurry do not need more because we need time to assess the stability of the spirits. After all, you do not want them to faded after half an hour after application. Besides, if the first moment you do not like flavor, then do not reject it at once – perhaps a few minutes later he 'bloom' on your skin. And the last piece of advice – not to fixate on any one flavor. Use every opportunity to discover something new. A sample of spirits – it's the only way to discover the treasures of the world flavors.

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