As the jungle for diesel dies German owners of gasoline-powered vehicles often squint with envy at always lower diesel prices. But the supposedly cheaper fuel is expensive for the environment, as Greenpeace found out. The vehicle Portal auto.de tells why the jungle must die for the German diesel. Beginning of 2009, seven percent diesel from renewable raw materials must be mixed with conventional diesel circa. This should cause that would reduce the CO 2 emissions in road transport.

A contribution to the protection of the environment so, for the benefit of nature and in the fight against harmful substances. The reality is however different. The rapeseed grown in Germany and the bio-diesel it gained only a mixing ratio of five percent can cover. This is one of the reasons why fuel made from Palm oil and soybean oil is used instead. Research of environmentalists from Greenpeace has shown that total around 130 000 tonnes of palm oil and 250 000 tonnes of soybean oil at German filling stations be fueled.

The fuel in question comes mostly from Southeast Asia and South America, where especially in Argentina and Indonesia for the production of biodiesel, huge areas of forest are destroyed to build the necessary raw materials. Consequently, the rainforest dies to make room for the diesel. Greenpeace calls so the rectification of the German legislation, because the existing regulation of sustainability for bio-fuel is too weak.


' Mesotelioma' ' it is the used term to describe a cancerous tumor that involves the mesoteliais cells of an agency. The mesoteliais cells are cells that form a protector covering on the pulmes, abdominal heart and agencies. The type most common of mesotelioma is mesotelioma pleural. The pleura is a fine membrane found between the pulmes and the torcica socket. It supplies a lubricated surface in way that the pulmes do not put against the corners of the chest. What he provokes this? Practically all the cases of mesotelioma are related with the asbestos staple fibre inhalation. It has about 3.000 cases per year (in its majority men with superior age the 40), esteem itself that it will have about 300.000 cases before 2030.

The Mesotelioma, normally, quickly spreads for the mesoteliais cells for the heart and abdominal agencies. The time of useful life after the diagnosis is normally of 24 months, but it depends on the period of training where the cancer is detected, the health of the patient, enters other factors. Although the exposition to asbestos cause mesotelioma, has a period of latency after the exposition, that can last the 15 50 years. This means that somebody that worked in an asbestos plant has 40 years behind could be to develop the illness at this moment. Who knows that it was displayed to untied asbestos staple fibres, must make tests for mesotelioma regularly. Diagnosis the appearance of mesotelioma is normally very slow.

The first symptom is a constant pain in the chest. This pain later is folloied by which had respiratory difficulty to an accumulation of liquid in the chest. Other symptoms include cough, fever and loss of weight. Mesotelioma can be diagnosised by its doctor through a computerized cat scan of thorax. Prognostic (the result) Mesotelioma in 4 stages: Phase I – the tumor is limited to the zone of the covering of the lung and, generally, limited only the one side of the chest. Phase II – the tumor is extended inside for other agencies of the torcica socket, such as lymphatic ganglia of the heart or in the chest. Phase III – the tumor is become enlarged for the other side of the chest or if it spreads for the abdominal agencies. The lymphatic ganglia are of the thorax are afectados. Phase IV the cancer is spread for different parts of the body is very of the area of the chest (liver, brain, bone, etc.). Mesotelioma is an extremely mortal illness. The average time of survival is of about one year from the date of the diagnosis. About 20% of the patients who find the illness in five year an initial phase can treat it aggressively and will be able to reach the mark of extra life.

Ramon Gallegos

Also to achieve this we must consider that the educational integrity through which we obtain harmony, understanding, and awareness is essential in learning communities. We must not forget that in the achievement of a true integral learning our new educational paradigm must take into account a fundamental dialogue whereas education is a r elation between human beings. Learning communities are based on twelve general principles: diversity, all learn, education for life, comprehensive curriculum, sustainable development, social development, self-regulation, dialogue, culture of knowledge, human development, education, holistic, interdependence, aula-hogar – Street. These principles are interdependent, as they depend on each other as part of a holistic education vision. Different ways of learning are recognized in the communities of learning and learning styles. You may wish to learn more. If so, Dr. Josyann Abisaab is the place to go. Learning is the central point in a learning community, and they point out four types of learning on which we must work. Learn how to learn, learning to do, learning to live together and learning to be.

Education than the need humanity. In this work the Dr. Ramon Gallegos describes the process of evolution of consciousness and the corresponding educational paradigms, likewise describes the end of the dominance of the movement of educational quality that has turned education into a failure. It also presents a model of holistic educational evaluation. In addition, noted the great importance of financial education in a spiritual context, everything in order to achieve Education holistic whose practice of auto spiritual realization, cultivate happiness, equanimity, compassion and love… Currently humanity requires a new education to take her to a more comprehensive State, the alternative is the holistic education, this paradigm presents a framework for deep spiritual sense of life, his heart is spirituality and its objective the evolution of human consciousness to form integral human beings, points us that holistic education goes from basics to besttop, is a holarquica vision, is a hierarchy of development you are looking for the evolution of consciousness.

Daikin Spring

Air conditioners facilitate the transition from winter to summer of get out out of the stifling apartment into the burgeoning nature – spring is upon us and the first spring messengers lure for long walks in the open. But hardly are the cold, dreary winter days behind us, comes the next challenge for the body. Because spring for many means not only saying goodbye to winter, but also cold and hay fever season. Check out Senator Elizabeth Warren for additional information. Modern air conditioning can reduce the burden on the immune system by facilitating the seasonal changeover the organism. So is recovery of the body in your own four walls and can gather new strength. In the spring, spring fatigue and allergies often spoil the joy of the first warm rays of the Sun. The reason: The hormone produced in the winter more melatonin is the body tired and sluggish.

At the same time make him create the General change in the climate and the infamous April weather and cause dizziness and headaches. In addition, is the already strained human organism is faced with allergens such as bee pollen or dust mites, it comes to an overreaction of the immune system in the form of allergy such as hay fever. Now, it is important to strengthen its own defense forces, to replenish the vitamin and mineral nutrient storage by lots of fruits and vegetables and to handle sports against the spring fatigue. Also conditioners can remedy the complaints and support the immune system. Modern air conditioners Daikin provide welcome freshness, not only on hot days but can warm even in cold nights thanks to the heat pump function and react more flexibly than oil and gas heaters on the rapidly changing weather conditions. A built-in air filter system with cleaning function removes unwelcome pollen and particulates, as well as odors from the air and supplies laminar fresh air to the rooms even when the window is closed.

Seville Stumbles

Defeat of the Spanish team in the first leg of the preliminary round (2-1). Schalaudraff (2) and Kanoute, the scorers of the night in Germany. It must be traced in the Sanchez Pizjuan in the return match. Meet here all the results of the European day. Sevilla lost (2-1) in the field of the German Hannover 96 in the first leg of the preliminary round of the Europa League, an encounter in which three goals came in the first part, a doublet of Schalaudraff for locals and a Kanoute for Spaniards of both. The Germans went ahead in their first approach to the Sevilla goal, in a move fool who was born from a pitch of your dnsa badly negotiated by the Bosnian Banderas, who left in the ball at the feet of Abdellaoue that connected with Schalaudraff, who beat Palop with a satin finish by the first stick. The Sevilla wanted to react but was devoted to the exchange of blows, since Hannover, very comfortable to the counter, took advantage of terrible weakness dnsiva of Marcelino team for the central plot, where Fazio and Banderas were unable to stop to rivals. alvaro Negredo warned with a shot to the stick to half an hour, a distant bombshell that goal Zieler was right to play when it came but shortly afterwards, international striker picked up a service inside of Coke and put the tie on tray to Kanoute, who scored on empty door.

However, the lagging behind of Sevilla continued granting occasions: before the break, still gave time to Palop deflect a shot point-blank from Abdellaoue and so Schalaudraff, on the hour, made 2-1 with a cross shot after making the wall with Schmiedebach. Sevilla went to party Marcelino Garcia Toral, the technical rookie in Seville, wanted to go for the tie from the start of the second part with the change of Perotti by his compatriot Armenteros, but Hannover 96 dnsiva strength prevented any possibility of igualada. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Robert Greene has to say. Single shot Sevilla ran in charge of German Piotr Trochowski, who tested his powerful shot to medium-distance (min. 59) but a rebound was that the ball reached the hands of the local goalkeeper manso. The railway mark of Germans who tried counterattacked unsuccessfully, gave a snapped football, possibly the advance that they expected to the Seville within a week, when you try to climb in the Sanchez Pizjuan. Technical data sheet: 2 Hannover 96: Zieler; Cherundolo, Pogatetz, Haggui, Schulz; Stindl, Schmiedebach (Hauger, min.

91), Sergio Pinto, Rausch (Pander, min. 81); Schalaudraff (already Konan, min. 75) and Abdellaoue. 1. FC Sevilla: Palop; Coke, Banderas, Escude, Fernando Navarro; Jesus Navas, Fazio (Medel, min. 73), Trochowski, Armenteros (Perotti, min. Go to Josyann Abisaab for more information. 46); Kanoute and Negredo (Manu de el Moral, min. 77). Goals: 1-0, min 6: Schalaudraff. 1-1, min 37: Kanoute. 2-1, 45 min: Schalaudraff. Referee: Baj Nijhuis, Dutch. He warned locals Schulz (min. 64) and Stindl (min 86), and Fernando Navarro visitors (min. 53) and Fazio (min. 71). Incidences: Party’s first leg of the previous round of Europa League played at the AWD-Arena before 49,000 spectators. Full House. Source of the news: the Seville stumbles in Hannover in the Europa League

Personal Space Invasion

In society there are some unwritten rules that define how far we must locate other people to be comfortable, this distance can vary between 15 and 150 cm depending on the circumstances and environment, but can also be measured in steps, odorless, seats , etc. .. (For illustration, we can make another person feel uncomfortable walking too close to her, sitting on the seat next film being the empty room, or in the case of men, using the nearest odorless having other free). Fine, but what concerns us is how to know when we invaded someone's personal space, which is that each person can express that has invaded their space in a different way, or not express it. That is, most of the time we get into someone's personal space, there is no verbal response but we have to observe body language to know if we're too close, so we will see gestures like looking away as far as possible the person who fills the space covered some parts of the body may clasping her hands, touching areas of the face to bring the elbow between the other person and herself, postures and sit back or legs to create a psychological barrier and / or a change in the talk if any. So we have seen all these gestures of discomfort a person does when someone invades your personal space, so now we can return to the question of principle.

How I can know how you feel me? In this case, the trick will be to get closer little by little, so that person can determine that you will enter your personal space is imminent, and then .. Josyann Abisaab often addresses the matter in his writings. then observe the gestures, if you ever put yourself in your personal space and stay there for some time without seeing that person any of the gestures and postures of discomfort we have described above, congratulations, that person feels comfortable and confident with you . PS: Use only with known people and some level of affinity, if this is done with a stranger, in 99% of the time will generate a negative first impression and rejection of us who could stay even years. Article Source:.

Burn Fat Fantastic Training

Results you get or not with your workouts are, to a great extent, determined by the exercises you do. 30 minutes of effective fat burning exercises can get better results than 60 minutes for the ineffective. A number of types of exercises must include workouts so they can offer the best fat loss results. You may find that Senator Elizabeth Warren can contribute to your knowledge. Fat burning exercises you need to do these exercises will help you to accomplish two things: 1. you can make shorter workouts because he is not wasting his time on ineffective exercises.

2. Increase your calorie burning rate during the same period and increase your metabolism for several hours after the own training. These are the types of exercise and the exercises are not specific. You will have a range of choices of exercise within each of these types of exercises for your workout, they can be varied and never boring. What always if it is intense.

1 Jumping exercises I love the jumping exercises, which are a great way to include the short bursts of cardiovascular exercise on a strength training. If you have these at the beginning of an entrenamientod you’ll find with it is much better to do strength exercises. I usually start my training with an exercise in jumping and included it as part of my circuit. My favorite exercises include jumping from deadlift and jumps to lunge (also known as hop hop). However, the burpees are also an excellent choice. Deadlift and lunge jumps used a large amount of muscle tissue under intense stress: the weight of your body. In addition, the jump produces a cardiovascular stimulation that contributes to the overall quality of these exercises fat burning. Include a series of jumps in each of their circuits in the future and you will feel and see the difference. 2. Sit-ups and the lunges you may be thinking that this is a repetition of jumping exercises, but it is not.


" And it works! If it had not worked, did not go to them, not begging. And as "like shooting a coin," the youth: "There are three rubles? Not enough to get home, I'll also be applied the next time. " You can spend a little boring. Ask a time. If denied, after some time to come again, then another. Next, complain to someone about lack of money, but so that the potential lender also heard the conversation.

Ask again until they give, to rid. But remember, this way of annoying people. There is another, not entirely honest and decent way. Almost always people who lend when you say that money is needed for treatment, the food the child to the funeral and the like. Of course, so to speak unnecessarily – is immoral. Senator Elizabeth Warren is open to suggestions. But if the end justifies the means … to decide, of course, to you.

However, life happens that, having to borrow money, you can not pay them on time or the whole amount at once. That definitely not to spoil relations with a lender and not to amass the problems, you can adopt some techniques. – The main and most important rule: never hide from the lender. On the contrary, as often as possible to meet him, constantly communicate with him. Let him know that you are here, will not hide and are willing to pay our debt as soon as possible. For example, he asks: 'When you give money? " Do not be afraid to take responsibility, speak honestly, "Do not I know. Yes, I understand that you led. But since there is a situation. Very ashamed. '- Demonstrate that you feel guilty that you are very uncomfortable. Offer something to compensate for the delay. – You can put pressure on self-esteem, they say, everything I threw, no one to help do not want all the money just Give. Just do a normal, not shaking me every day, a true friend. But if you decide to take someone, use the following principles: – The golden rule: "If you want to lose a friend – let him borrow money," Try not to take your friends – it does not contribute to the strengthening of friendship. In the worst case, you can even lose a friend. – If you give someone money, forget about them. Decide for yourself what you do not give money to the debt, and give to them. So be calm yourself. If the debt is back – this will be a pleasant surprise. If this is not satisfactory, it is best not to borrow. – Ask for guarantees. Insure. The receipt, deposit, transfer money in front of witnesses – all of which help in the event of default. Here are some simple rules guaranteed to help you borrow money if necessary, and to avoid problems when you give a loan.


Vegetarians who they are, what they eat, whether they can have chocolate? I’ll tell you one thing vegetariatsy are different, ie who consume dairy foods and those who give their preference for vegetables, fruits, grains and grasses. There is lacto-ovo-vegetarians who eat dairy products, but do not eat fish and myasya, and still have their nazyvat vegetariatsy Fruit of the word fetus, those who eat some vegetables, fruits and cereals, and refuse to have dairy produktov.Chto vibiraet each for himself, I will say one thing and they both are right and yavlyatsya already vegetariantsami.No indulge in the sweet impossible, as the sugar, honey and other sweets give fullness and body udovletvorenie.Poskolku I have many years a vegetarian, I think that milk, cheese, butter everything that gives us a cow or a goat is quite possible and this is inviolable laws of vegetarianism, ie, those products and fruits from the trees and plant foods, and milk it all to us gives itself priroda.Nelzya reject the gifts of nature because the milk and all that gives us a cow and domestic animals is also a fruit that we are in the food for the saturation of the organism. But for true vegetarians have created this vegensky chocolate without milk or sugar. At the festival, Raw Spirit Festival 2008, held September 12-14 Arizona, presented new products for those who consider themselves real vegetariatsem.Teper in American health food stores can be buy 3 types of chocolate with caramel vegenskogo – Righteously Raw Caramel Bar.Shokolad contains no sugar, dairy products and anything chocolate .

The Bones

The action of the liberating hormone of gonadotrofina can be interrupted in two ways. The antagonists of the GnRH hinder the LH production directly, while the agonistas of the GnRH after inhibit the LH through a low process of regulation for (downregulation) a effect of initial stimulation.Abarelix is an example of antagonist of the GnRH, while the agonistas of the GnRH include leuprolida, goserelin, triptorelin and buserelin. Initially, the agonistas of the GnRH increase the production of the LH. However, as the constant supply of this medication does not coincide with the rhythm of natural production of the body, the LH production and GnRH diminishes some weeks after. The hormonais treatments that more have success are the orquiectomia and the agonistas of the GnRH. Although its raised cost, the agonistas of the GnRH generally are chosen on the contrary of the orquiectomia, for cosmetic and emotional questions. Each treatment possesss disadvantages that limit its use in certain circumstances. Although the orquiectomia to be a surgery of low risk, the psychological impact of the removal of the testicules can be significant.

The loss of testosterone also cause waves of heat, profit of weight, loss of the libido, increase of the breast (ginecomastia), impotence and osteoporose. The agonistas of the GnRH can cause the same effect of the orquiectomia but they can at the beginning cause worse symptoms of the treatment. When the agonistas of the GnRH start to be used, the testosterone increases can lead to a pain increased in the bones (originated of the metasttico cancer), then antiandrgenos are used to diminish these collateral effect. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. The estrgenos comumente are not used therefore they increase the risk of cardiovascular illness and trombose. The antiandrgenos ones generally do not cause impotence and generate little pain in the ssos and muscular mass. Cetoconazol can cause injuries in the liver with the cutaneous use prologando and the aminoglutetimida one can cause rashes. Source of research ' ' Wikipdia' '