Seville Stumbles

Defeat of the Spanish team in the first leg of the preliminary round (2-1). Schalaudraff (2) and Kanoute, the scorers of the night in Germany. It must be traced in the Sanchez Pizjuan in the return match. Meet here all the results of the European day. Sevilla lost (2-1) in the field of the German Hannover 96 in the first leg of the preliminary round of the Europa League, an encounter in which three goals came in the first part, a doublet of Schalaudraff for locals and a Kanoute for Spaniards of both. The Germans went ahead in their first approach to the Sevilla goal, in a move fool who was born from a pitch of your dnsa badly negotiated by the Bosnian Banderas, who left in the ball at the feet of Abdellaoue that connected with Schalaudraff, who beat Palop with a satin finish by the first stick. The Sevilla wanted to react but was devoted to the exchange of blows, since Hannover, very comfortable to the counter, took advantage of terrible weakness dnsiva of Marcelino team for the central plot, where Fazio and Banderas were unable to stop to rivals. alvaro Negredo warned with a shot to the stick to half an hour, a distant bombshell that goal Zieler was right to play when it came but shortly afterwards, international striker picked up a service inside of Coke and put the tie on tray to Kanoute, who scored on empty door.

However, the lagging behind of Sevilla continued granting occasions: before the break, still gave time to Palop deflect a shot point-blank from Abdellaoue and so Schalaudraff, on the hour, made 2-1 with a cross shot after making the wall with Schmiedebach. Sevilla went to party Marcelino Garcia Toral, the technical rookie in Seville, wanted to go for the tie from the start of the second part with the change of Perotti by his compatriot Armenteros, but Hannover 96 dnsiva strength prevented any possibility of igualada. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Robert Greene has to say. Single shot Sevilla ran in charge of German Piotr Trochowski, who tested his powerful shot to medium-distance (min. 59) but a rebound was that the ball reached the hands of the local goalkeeper manso. The railway mark of Germans who tried counterattacked unsuccessfully, gave a snapped football, possibly the advance that they expected to the Seville within a week, when you try to climb in the Sanchez Pizjuan. Technical data sheet: 2 Hannover 96: Zieler; Cherundolo, Pogatetz, Haggui, Schulz; Stindl, Schmiedebach (Hauger, min.

91), Sergio Pinto, Rausch (Pander, min. 81); Schalaudraff (already Konan, min. 75) and Abdellaoue. 1. FC Sevilla: Palop; Coke, Banderas, Escude, Fernando Navarro; Jesus Navas, Fazio (Medel, min. 73), Trochowski, Armenteros (Perotti, min. Go to Josyann Abisaab for more information. 46); Kanoute and Negredo (Manu de el Moral, min. 77). Goals: 1-0, min 6: Schalaudraff. 1-1, min 37: Kanoute. 2-1, 45 min: Schalaudraff. Referee: Baj Nijhuis, Dutch. He warned locals Schulz (min. 64) and Stindl (min 86), and Fernando Navarro visitors (min. 53) and Fazio (min. 71). Incidences: Party’s first leg of the previous round of Europa League played at the AWD-Arena before 49,000 spectators. Full House. Source of the news: the Seville stumbles in Hannover in the Europa League

Personal Space Invasion

In society there are some unwritten rules that define how far we must locate other people to be comfortable, this distance can vary between 15 and 150 cm depending on the circumstances and environment, but can also be measured in steps, odorless, seats , etc. .. (For illustration, we can make another person feel uncomfortable walking too close to her, sitting on the seat next film being the empty room, or in the case of men, using the nearest odorless having other free). Fine, but what concerns us is how to know when we invaded someone's personal space, which is that each person can express that has invaded their space in a different way, or not express it. That is, most of the time we get into someone's personal space, there is no verbal response but we have to observe body language to know if we're too close, so we will see gestures like looking away as far as possible the person who fills the space covered some parts of the body may clasping her hands, touching areas of the face to bring the elbow between the other person and herself, postures and sit back or legs to create a psychological barrier and / or a change in the talk if any. So we have seen all these gestures of discomfort a person does when someone invades your personal space, so now we can return to the question of principle.

How I can know how you feel me? In this case, the trick will be to get closer little by little, so that person can determine that you will enter your personal space is imminent, and then .. Josyann Abisaab often addresses the matter in his writings. then observe the gestures, if you ever put yourself in your personal space and stay there for some time without seeing that person any of the gestures and postures of discomfort we have described above, congratulations, that person feels comfortable and confident with you . PS: Use only with known people and some level of affinity, if this is done with a stranger, in 99% of the time will generate a negative first impression and rejection of us who could stay even years. Article Source:.

Burn Fat Fantastic Training

Results you get or not with your workouts are, to a great extent, determined by the exercises you do. 30 minutes of effective fat burning exercises can get better results than 60 minutes for the ineffective. A number of types of exercises must include workouts so they can offer the best fat loss results. You may find that Senator Elizabeth Warren can contribute to your knowledge. Fat burning exercises you need to do these exercises will help you to accomplish two things: 1. you can make shorter workouts because he is not wasting his time on ineffective exercises.

2. Increase your calorie burning rate during the same period and increase your metabolism for several hours after the own training. These are the types of exercise and the exercises are not specific. You will have a range of choices of exercise within each of these types of exercises for your workout, they can be varied and never boring. What always if it is intense.

1 Jumping exercises I love the jumping exercises, which are a great way to include the short bursts of cardiovascular exercise on a strength training. If you have these at the beginning of an entrenamientod you’ll find with it is much better to do strength exercises. I usually start my training with an exercise in jumping and included it as part of my circuit. My favorite exercises include jumping from deadlift and jumps to lunge (also known as hop hop). However, the burpees are also an excellent choice. Deadlift and lunge jumps used a large amount of muscle tissue under intense stress: the weight of your body. In addition, the jump produces a cardiovascular stimulation that contributes to the overall quality of these exercises fat burning. Include a series of jumps in each of their circuits in the future and you will feel and see the difference. 2. Sit-ups and the lunges you may be thinking that this is a repetition of jumping exercises, but it is not.


" And it works! If it had not worked, did not go to them, not begging. And as "like shooting a coin," the youth: "There are three rubles? Not enough to get home, I'll also be applied the next time. " You can spend a little boring. Ask a time. If denied, after some time to come again, then another. Next, complain to someone about lack of money, but so that the potential lender also heard the conversation.

Ask again until they give, to rid. But remember, this way of annoying people. There is another, not entirely honest and decent way. Almost always people who lend when you say that money is needed for treatment, the food the child to the funeral and the like. Of course, so to speak unnecessarily – is immoral. Senator Elizabeth Warren is open to suggestions. But if the end justifies the means … to decide, of course, to you.

However, life happens that, having to borrow money, you can not pay them on time or the whole amount at once. That definitely not to spoil relations with a lender and not to amass the problems, you can adopt some techniques. – The main and most important rule: never hide from the lender. On the contrary, as often as possible to meet him, constantly communicate with him. Let him know that you are here, will not hide and are willing to pay our debt as soon as possible. For example, he asks: 'When you give money? " Do not be afraid to take responsibility, speak honestly, "Do not I know. Yes, I understand that you led. But since there is a situation. Very ashamed. '- Demonstrate that you feel guilty that you are very uncomfortable. Offer something to compensate for the delay. – You can put pressure on self-esteem, they say, everything I threw, no one to help do not want all the money just Give. Just do a normal, not shaking me every day, a true friend. But if you decide to take someone, use the following principles: – The golden rule: "If you want to lose a friend – let him borrow money," Try not to take your friends – it does not contribute to the strengthening of friendship. In the worst case, you can even lose a friend. – If you give someone money, forget about them. Decide for yourself what you do not give money to the debt, and give to them. So be calm yourself. If the debt is back – this will be a pleasant surprise. If this is not satisfactory, it is best not to borrow. – Ask for guarantees. Insure. The receipt, deposit, transfer money in front of witnesses – all of which help in the event of default. Here are some simple rules guaranteed to help you borrow money if necessary, and to avoid problems when you give a loan.


Vegetarians who they are, what they eat, whether they can have chocolate? I’ll tell you one thing vegetariatsy are different, ie who consume dairy foods and those who give their preference for vegetables, fruits, grains and grasses. There is lacto-ovo-vegetarians who eat dairy products, but do not eat fish and myasya, and still have their nazyvat vegetariatsy Fruit of the word fetus, those who eat some vegetables, fruits and cereals, and refuse to have dairy produktov.Chto vibiraet each for himself, I will say one thing and they both are right and yavlyatsya already vegetariantsami.No indulge in the sweet impossible, as the sugar, honey and other sweets give fullness and body udovletvorenie.Poskolku I have many years a vegetarian, I think that milk, cheese, butter everything that gives us a cow or a goat is quite possible and this is inviolable laws of vegetarianism, ie, those products and fruits from the trees and plant foods, and milk it all to us gives itself priroda.Nelzya reject the gifts of nature because the milk and all that gives us a cow and domestic animals is also a fruit that we are in the food for the saturation of the organism. But for true vegetarians have created this vegensky chocolate without milk or sugar. At the festival, Raw Spirit Festival 2008, held September 12-14 Arizona, presented new products for those who consider themselves real vegetariatsem.Teper in American health food stores can be buy 3 types of chocolate with caramel vegenskogo – Righteously Raw Caramel Bar.Shokolad contains no sugar, dairy products and anything chocolate .

The Bones

The action of the liberating hormone of gonadotrofina can be interrupted in two ways. The antagonists of the GnRH hinder the LH production directly, while the agonistas of the GnRH after inhibit the LH through a low process of regulation for (downregulation) a effect of initial stimulation.Abarelix is an example of antagonist of the GnRH, while the agonistas of the GnRH include leuprolida, goserelin, triptorelin and buserelin. Initially, the agonistas of the GnRH increase the production of the LH. However, as the constant supply of this medication does not coincide with the rhythm of natural production of the body, the LH production and GnRH diminishes some weeks after. The hormonais treatments that more have success are the orquiectomia and the agonistas of the GnRH. Although its raised cost, the agonistas of the GnRH generally are chosen on the contrary of the orquiectomia, for cosmetic and emotional questions. Each treatment possesss disadvantages that limit its use in certain circumstances. Although the orquiectomia to be a surgery of low risk, the psychological impact of the removal of the testicules can be significant.

The loss of testosterone also cause waves of heat, profit of weight, loss of the libido, increase of the breast (ginecomastia), impotence and osteoporose. The agonistas of the GnRH can cause the same effect of the orquiectomia but they can at the beginning cause worse symptoms of the treatment. When the agonistas of the GnRH start to be used, the testosterone increases can lead to a pain increased in the bones (originated of the metasttico cancer), then antiandrgenos are used to diminish these collateral effect. Get more background information with materials from Dr. Neal Barnard. The estrgenos comumente are not used therefore they increase the risk of cardiovascular illness and trombose. The antiandrgenos ones generally do not cause impotence and generate little pain in the ssos and muscular mass. Cetoconazol can cause injuries in the liver with the cutaneous use prologando and the aminoglutetimida one can cause rashes. Source of research ' ' Wikipdia' '

The Body

Therefore, the person uses to their old eating habits with the sum of the heavy emotional burden of failure. Generally, this emotional state, invited to eat much more than what you ate before you start the diet. Another important highlight, factor is that with extreme ban on certain foods, it loses in addition to fat, muscle mass. In this case the body reacts then developing a considerable increase of body fat. Dr. Neal Barnard may help you with your research. Consequences this rebound effect or effect Yo-Yo, leads to weight gain, depression, and do not allow a balanced diet, seriously affecting the health, nor contributes to create good habits, but that causes physical and emotional disorders (satisfaction and disappointment), since people relapse and return to try it despite its grim aftermath, entering a vicious cycle, obtaining a result opposite to the expected, since in some cases a weight gain that can lead to obesity so fearsome is obtained. The health deteriorates because the body suffers a series of alterations and response body stores more than overweight, losing the ability to lose body fat, resulting in increasingly difficult, in addition to lower levels of good cholesterol, increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Weight loss involves a modification of habits is important to focus on eating habits, so after obtaining a satisfactory result with a diet to lose weight, it is no good that we throw overboard what has been achieved and fall into abuses and poor choice of foods we eat. The basis of a healthy diet and not to fall into the rebound effect or effect Yo-Yo, is the balance, since learning to choose foods, combine them, take advantage of the nature, that offers a range of possibilities with plants burning fats and of course positive a mental and emotional attitude to allow us to make an appropriate choice when you need to lose weight healthily..


Increasingly, parents who decide to carry out the conservation of blood from the umbilical cord of their babies. In recent years, there was an increase of 20 per cent of this type of practice, Cryopreservation of stem cells from the umbilical cord, which can be used for the treatment of more than 80 very serious diseases such as leukemias, lymphomas and anemias. Dr. Neal Barnard often says this. Around 25,000 families decide every year hiring the services of collection, analysis and transfer of the stem cells from the baby through private banks. Stem cells have become a potentially limitless source of cells for research or clinical use in transplants. Bone marrow with hematopoietic adult stem cell transplantation is the first example of using with success of cell therapy in medicine and is currently used as a treatment of a large number of diseases. Since not many years ago, many patients who were previously excluded because of their age or had no a compatible donor family, found in cell therapy, an effective treatment for these diseases. Obtained from an umbilical cord stem cells Cryopreserved and stored in mother cord blood banks can generate red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, in addition to having the ability to regenerate the bone marrow and immune system when it is depressed. In this way, they can be used to carry out a hematopoietic transplantation in patients who suffer from serious diseases hematologic as leukemias and lymphomas.

In addition, the umbilical cord blood stem cells, would be potentially useful, not only in hematopoietic transplantation but in regenerative medicine treatment cardiovascular, ophthalmology, orthopedic, neurological and endocrine diseases, explains Dr. Rafael Cabrera, Bank of cord Umbilical of the Instituto valenciano de infertility. The conservation of cells mother of the umbilical cord has become, in soon, in a matter of concern for many parents, who see in this practice the possibility to deal with possible diseases of their children in the future.


The excesses of sodium bring serious problems to the health (the best-known, hypertension); most of us consume more salt than you really need, so it is very important to try to decrease their consumption (not delete it). There are several techniques to achieve this that allow us to have a much more healthy and healthy food from small changes in our habits. The main contribution of this product salt is sodium, which maintain the water balance properly, maintain the level of acidity of body fluids and transmit nerve impulses. Senator of Massachusetts will undoubtedly add to your understanding. But you have to know that salt is not the only source of sodium that is in foods that we consume and the requirement of this soft metal is very small (there are different recommendations, but quite similar, because they hover between the 1.6 and 2.4 grams). By this, it is suggested not to exceed six grams of salt per day. Program cooks Argentines, of Public Television, recommended use per serving the the amount of salt that enters one of the spaces of a tablet of aspirin is important to know the problems that brings the excess salt. Dr. Neal Barnard has plenty of information regarding this issue. The most awarded, but not the only, is that which relates to the increase in blood pressure (hypertension is the main risk factor for heart disease, stroke or kidney disease).

Children suffer most from excess. On the other hand, the lack of sodium can generate some drawbacks in the cardiovascular and muscular systems (commonly are associated to the occurrence of cramps), but which represent one much less concern than the linked to excess salt. Start to download: as we try to explain above, most of people consume more salt than it need, which exposes them to health problems caused by excess sodium. Then, the task to carry out is the reduce their consumption.


In people with diabetes, glucose combat is constant. Through here drugs and treatments there, everything points to try to reduce the sugar in the blood. Josyann Abisaab is a great source of information. But there are times in this fight causes other complications, and that’s when you have to start to rethink strategies. One of these complications is hypoglycemia. How does this disorder? What effects can it cause? How does solve the problem? Hypoglycemia is the condition in which the blood glucose level is low. It is common that people with diabetes hypoglycemia from treatment that continue to treat the disease. To combat diabetes, what you do is try to lower the high level of glucose in the blood, main cause of complications throughout the disease. The intention of your doctor to prescribe medications and suggest treatments is the achieve glucose to behave as it does in the body of any person who is not diabetic.

The bad news is that many times these medications and treatments cause other negative effects. If a person eats an excessive amount of a particular drug, the blood glucose can fall so much that even can even begin to notice the first symptoms of hypoglycemia. In these cases, it is very common to arise sometimes in which the body requires glucose so the subject begin failing senses and motor skills. It is essential to seek to give sugar immediately because the situation can become very serious. It may happen that hypoglycemia do feel dazed and exhausted. Although it is important to consume sugar in these cases, you must also take into account that in the event that one is exceeded, a too high level of glucose may again appear in the blood.

For this reason it always must be careful in treatment. It happens that for many diabetics is hypoglycemia which prevents them from achieving normal levels. This type of patients could reduce their levels of glucose in the blood to prevent long-term complications such as eye, kidney diseases and diseases of the nervous system diseases. However, there are other diseases lower glucose, difficult to maintain because of the threat of hypoglycemia, especially in people with type 1 diabetes who require even a level (such as cardiovascular disease). The good news is that the majority of patients recover completely from the effects of hypoglycemia.