Owner Maria

You Know the Owner Maria? Owner Maria is very religious woman it believes God piously. All the moments of its life, being glad or sad they, it always believed God. This woman is not an end of week without going to the Church and participating of the mass. It prays tero every day. Who knows this lady knows that it prays daily, as much that when somebody in the family is sick is it that binds asking for conjunct, therefore this ' ' santa' ' woman is more close to God of what many of us. However the life of Owner Maria was not very easy, it had that to face some difficulties during its life, the greater of them was when took care of of its husband acamado for a serious illness. However it never discouraged took care of of it with all affection and devotion until the day where Mr. Deus called its beloved husband for its house.

Firm it in the faith still more continued believing God, therefore as it always repeated: ' ' God knows what faz' '. He praid with fervor, therefore now, more than what never he needed the force of God. Passed some years its older sister was sick and knowing of its necessities, it she did not think two times and she was until the city where its sister liveed stops of it taking care of. That affection and devotion were observed in each gesture that Owner Maria expressed in the care of the sick sister. as was will of God this sister also went up the house of the Father. They think that Owner Maria discouraged? In contrast, it each time praid more, God was its friend. As it liveed close to the Church started to go every day in the Church, the daily mass was its force. It did not raise of the bed before if placing in conjunct.

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