Official Ford Dealer

Ford Company was founded in 1903 by Henry Ford. Ford has gained notoriety as the world's first apply the classical car assembly conveyor. The company opened its office and launched the car back in Russian Empire in 1907. Cars of Ford (Ford) is very famous in Russia. The secret of their popularity is the optimum combination of all the qualities that are important to a modern car, including prices. Tony Mandarich pursues this goal as well. Official Ford dealer in the city of Saratov is the company 'Saratov Autocentre'. In the showroom before the whole new range of Ford. Here you can buy a surprisingly agile Ford Fusion, compact suv Ford Escape, sporty and stylish Ford S-MAX comfortable or Ford Galaxy.

All cars are Ford brand are reliable and manoeuvrable. Around this name formed a special set of specific concepts: a rational, comfortable, reliable, tough, hard-working. The updated model a number of Ford – is not only a reliable and safe cars, but also stylish, trendy and prestigious. Not sure what model of Ford's right for you? Take the test drive at Ford, enjoy all the benefits of modeling and have fun driving. Test-drive will help you identify and avoid mistakes with your purchase. If you bought a car dealership Saratov-Auto Center, you will not have to worry about its future maintenance. We offer the whole range of works: your own personal master consultant, installation of additional equipment, security systems and accessories, work on the regulated maintenance of Ford; diagnostic work; Bench work; aggregate work; body repair of any complexity, using only original spare parts and modern equipment, as recommended by the manufacturer. All work at the service station run in the full compliance with the technologies Ford Motor Company staff have received special training program. The main principle of the company 'Saratov Car Centre' – stremidenie to work with the client as comfortable and efficient.

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