Newborn Gift

What incredible luck – start a new life, the birth of the little man, who by their appearance has made happy, not only mom and dad, but also all the numerous grandparents, aunts and uncles. All of them with gusto looking at a pretty face, looking for similarities with their parents incessantly cooing and lisp, leaning over the crib. Small sun grows, develops, learn about the world and encouraged each of his native achievement. That kid learned how to smile, so he turned around flank begins to crawl, taking the first steps … For the relatives of every smile a little angel – a real gift, so they try to make their tot smiled often, here and drag him all sorts of gifts. But what can you give a young person who is just beginning his career? Colorful toys, rattles loud funny, sliders, undershirts, caps, in short, everything your heart whatever. If you decided to donate toys, please note that newborns do not buy huge fluffy cats and bears, because the kid in the first few months of pulling everything into his mouth, so it is best to choose soft rubber rattle that will not bring any harm if wee decides to taste it. Do not forget that a child first draws attention to all the bright and colorful, so all his toys should be evident variegated paints and a lot of the functions performed. Well, if, say, a bear will ring or dance, because at that age the kid learns the world through sounds and bright colors.

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