Neurolinguistic Programming

Live the here and now, to live the moment, it goes hand in hand with what NLP has as one of its multiple objectives that a person can achieve that sensory acuity in the present, that approach, that attitude of experiment and get solutions and best results. Why I will today tell you a story about time, that may be useful to take conscience about how we live live intensely in the present, it is something that the neuro-linguistic programming somehow induces by encouraging a more sensory acuity, as mentioned before, for example, at the time we communicate with another person. It is in that moment of commitment to total with that interaction taking first US initiative to establish a harmony or rapport, such as valuable techniques of NLP, for effective communication focusing only in the moment in which we are living, in the here and now is without a doubt the choice of life better. Get more background information with materials from Bobby Green. Is it easy? No it’s not easy, especially in the beginning. As well and all, imagine for a moment what would happen if we could actually live only instant to a moment at a time, so intense and focused or at least during many moments of the day live them with that approach and greater fullness what do you think?

Perhaps living that way, would perhaps leave be distressed, being afraid or suffer for what we had before or we have not obtained in certain circumstances from the past we would be not remembering or living memories spent living with the fear that something could go wrong or that our dreams are not possible. and if you stop being afraid of what would happen? How many of our concerns would real how many esfumarian really? And then, this way of living the reality is not perhaps the cause of time lost unnecessarily in our lives? There are exercises of NLP, to sharpen the senses, to achieve greater focus, and resources to those who are We practice the NLP, it results in many benefits through time one is awareness about the life and ourselves and our purposes in her time. I like telling stories I will share with you a very interesting story that said some time ago * the 86400 $ in your bank account history * if a bank you opened a free bank account and CITES you 86,400 dollars, pesos or euros and only had a day to spend all the money, yes! one day what would you do? Recalls that at the end of the day, he whatever happens or you spend that amount, or lose your account what would you do then, knowing this in advance? The most logical thing is use that money on something useful and not to waste it! for example, help your family, buy a House, start a business, or do something to give to your child to a good school, a good education, etc.

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