In this period of training it can be observed the negative influences in the individual development. The individual starts to produce little, with a bigger margin of error, or even though to leave to produce. According to Greenber (2002), the negative effect of stress can appear not only when tragic situations occur (the death of a wanted being, for example), but also in change of job, work in excess, tasks that need to be carried through in short space of time, etc. For the author, the nature of stresso can in such a way be negative (familiar problems, loss of relatives, among others) as positive (promotion in the job, wage increase, etc.). What it will go to determine if the symptoms of stress they will go to occur or it is not the capacity that the organism possesss to take care of the necessities of the moment. Ahead of this circumstance, the people if find, as much in personal level as professional, reached for stress, thus passing, to have frequent difficulties of relationship that can intervene with its performance, conduzin- of – to the diverse organic and psychological symptoms, producing tension, insatisfao and anxiety. The fact is that each time more people have suffered it estresse with it professional, especially those that if interrelate with other people for the performance of its function. In detriment of this, studious of the entire world they have developed untiring research focando in such a way stress produced by the professional activities as stress occupational. Stress of the professor Amongst diverse professionals we would like to come back the attention toward the professor (a), who always was and will be very important in the life of many people, therefore without it (a) science of a general form would not obtain to develop itself and we would not have as many discoveries in the current world.

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