Natural Herbal Seeds

Stovy pillows were specially designed for aching muscles and joints, caused by tiredness and fatigue, daily tensions commonly known as stress product. Stovy pillows are filled with a unique blend of 100% natural herbal seeds with relaxing properties which act both on the body and mind, inviting to relaxation and rest. They are natural and above all safe since they have no risk of loss by liquids or contact with electricity. They can be used all the time that you want to and can move freely without any fixed connection. Benefits: Soothes pain in both upper limbs and lower joints.

They relieve body aches. Power descontracturant. Relaxing action. Usable as travel pillows. Usable as a support for chairs.

Provides support to exercises of yoga, gymnastics and breathing. They occupy little place in a bag. Not wet, nor lose. Instructions for use: Stovy pillows can be heated in microwave oven to relax and relieve stress, such as chilled in the freezer for inflammation sprains, bumps and kinks. Important: Please previously consult a doctor the use of heat or cold in the treatment. Do not heat pillows Stovy in conventional ovens, stoves, electrical or other apparatus for heating. When are freshly taken from the microwave, keep them away from the area of the eyes and of the reach of children. This product is not recommended for people who are allergic to natural seeds or the natural essence of lavender. To revitalize the pillows only Stovy add up to 6 drops of pure Lavender essence thus again recover the therapeutic properties of aromatherapy, extending the lifespan of the product for much longer. Instructions for heating: to relax and relieve tensions placed the pillow Stovy in the microwave and heat for maximum power. Tentative range of powers of microwave cookers: 710/790w 2.5 minutes.-800/900w.2 minutes instructions to cool: For swollen bumps and kinks to deflate eyelids, and look fresh and radiant face place the pillow inside a plastic bag and insert it back into the freezer a minimum of 2 hours. In freezer a minimum of 4 hours. Some of our items. Stovy Cervical pillow relieves stiffness in the neck, Herniated cervical disc, arthritis, arthrosis, stiff neck, stress or muscular tension. Stovy Cervical pillow with cold applied soothes neuralgia and headaches. The Lumbar pillow /Dorsal is ideal for spasms in back, dorsal zone, arms and forearms, thighs and legs, herniated disc, low back pain, stress, muscle tension. The Lumbar pillow /Dorsal with application of cold joints and thighs, ideal to reduce inflammation, relieve pain by blows. Blindfolds and the Vincha Anti-cefaleas are filled with a unique blend of natural herbs and seeds Chamomile, which thanks to its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, soothing and cephalic properties are effective for: shrink swollen eyelids, decongest the view by excessive exposure to the PC or TV screen, relieve eye be removed contact lenses, lower the fever by placing it on the front, swollen bumps and bruises, headache, toothache, etc. to meet the rest of our products and their properties please visit our website or contact one of our promoters.

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