Nationalizing The National Parks

The Bolivian President, Evo Morales, decided to revert to the State forest concessions in parque nacional Madidi, of 1.8 million bordering the Peru hectares. The dignitary said: we are here to establish sovereignty in our territory to begin from today to defend the national territory, national dignity and our natural resources. He added that it starts the nationalization of forest reserves in the parks of his country which has a total of 66 protected areas, of which 20 have national and international importance. Consistent with his ignorance of practically everything, the President wants to nationalize something that by definition belongs to the State and is not permitted to commercially exploit. Some international agencies, advocates of the Amazonian fauna and flora, are responsible for protecting those territories contributing with money and scientific collaboration for conservation. Amazonian forests are unique lungs that have left the planet.

The attitude of Morales, faithful to his speech demagogic, it contradicts everything what was discussed previously on defence of ecology. For the Bolivian peasant and hence for Morales, a tree is wood and nothing more. Failure to comply with any form of animal or vegetable life; disposal of garbage and all kinds of debris anywhere and usually lives in a promiscuous and unhygienic environment. Ecology is nothing more than a novel word in their lexicon, has no idea what it means, nor the commitment that implies. The decision of Evo is due to an order from his boss, Hugo Chavez, which can facilitate the infiltration of terrorists of the shining, through the Peruvian border create settlements to smuggle weapons, controlling an area depopulated for future Bolivarian military invasion; destabilize the Peru and dominate the Department (province) of Pando, an opposition region to the regime, where Morales lost the election. The natives are defenders of nature only when it suits them.

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