Natalie Fee

They blame the Wi-Fi system in the city of the avalanche of health problems. Glstonbury is a village that for a long time was one of the favorite destinations for pilgrims. At a public meeting, held to discuss the alleged health problems of the population of Somerset, neighbors complained of numerous symptoms such as headaches, migraines, dizziness, rashes and even pneumonia, based on an immune system weakened, evidence clear of influence against the health of these radiations, which only show the before and the after the wi-ficase very concrete and evident, which we must not underestimate, because that helps us to continue to monitor the results of these new technologies. A former teacher of yoga, Natalie Fee claims to be one affected and is one that has moved to the outside of the zone wi-fi in this same population, to protect his son Elliot five years. Natalie hired a radiation expert who was in his house to take action, your House is situated near one of the antennas. The highest reading in radiation was in the room of his son Elliot. The words of Natalie were thought that Glastonbury was a natural population.

I don’t want that my son is in danger 24 hours a day, even in her elementary school that is within the zone wi-fi. If it did, then it fracasaria in my work of mother. This to a laptop with wi-fi, is to double the radiation that is 60 meters from a mobile phone antenna. According to research conducted by the BBC, the radio waves emitted by this transmission system are three times more potent than the beam emitted by a mobile phone Tower. The BBC says that in Britain, almost 50% of primary schools and 70% of secondary schools have Wi-Fi. Experts say that the effects of exposure to this technology in the long term were not sufficiently investigated, and that there are potential risks for those who are exposed to its radiation.

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