Multiple Sclerosis

Much has been said in recent times of Omega 3 essential fatty acids; Despite the years we have been dedicated to the study of nutrition and natural medicine, it is really difficult to find as therapeutically effective substances. It is not a drug, of course, just an essential in our diet nutrient; Omega 3s wouldn’t have as much Billboard but outside by the aberrant form in that we are eating those who intend to us civilized. We have away from traditional ways of eating and, naturally, our organism passes us a costly Bill that no social security (by good be) can be solved successfully. Our body manufactures many of its components from others; as is the power requires others because you can not produce them by itself; East case of Omega 3s. This does not mean that when we ingest these nutrients we curemos a disease, but rather enable our body to return to function properly because we have cast accurate fuel; Omega-3s are essential for our health and if we deprive of adequate quantities of them, padeceremos imbalance and illness.

Researchers have discovered that the appropriate essential fatty acids Omega 3 intake helps to improve all kinds of cardiovascular disease (greater survival for those who suffered strokes, normalization of heart rhythm, triglyceride, cholesterol), play an essential role in the formation of the nervous tissue, the brain and the retina of the fetus and infant, autoimmune conditions (Multiple Sclerosis, arthritis improve(, Scleroderma, Lupus) and allow to reduce the consumption of anti-inflammatory steroids. While there are common foods that contain them, such as nuts and oils of soybean or linseed, the best sources are in the zooplankton and phytoplankton; It is not usual that serve krill on our table, but luckily, these active ingredients go into the food chain through the oily fish such as sardines, herring, salmon or mackerel. We have to resort to these mentioned and typical foods of the Mediterranean diet for point us to a point in favor of our health; These will always be a source more reliable than those foods of fashion today and which have been enriched with the famous Omega 3. As in the case of olive-pomace oil, Omega 3 sources tend to be denatured by chemical procedures that increase its conservation, but disable them or, even worse, make them harmful to our body; in the case of the fortified foods, it is not usual manufacturer include the source in the container, and if it does not, they usually do not make clear if it is in its natural state (an elixir for our health) or chemically modified (one poison). Paying attention to the selection of our foods and through appropriate supplements, we can build, step by step, good health, or as the saying goes, digging the grave with his mouth.

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