Mr Charfi

Tarak Charf, Managing Director of SOPIA Beautytravel (, a German Agency, which provides beauty operations after Tunisia, this means that this risk is very low. A complication occurs in 3% of patients. Usually this occurs directly in the days after the surgery. The patients are then still in Tunisia. According to American Hospital Association, who has experience with these questions. The surgeon dismisses the patient only after follow-up, when the body has recovered and everything is alright. Even after returning home, the surgeon and the team of SOPIA Beautytravel further contact is with the patient.

If a correction is necessary, it is carried free of charge. Get more background information with materials from Wall Street. Our patients have all the guarantees which they had also in Germany in Tunisia. For the healing of the surgery the patient can go to his physician or a physician in its proximity.” Mr Charfi in addition to the price, especially in the recovery phase in Tunis sees advantages of an operation in Tunisia. Us is aware that most of the patients the unbeatable price products and services because of decide for us. Additional information at stone clinical laboratories supports this article. An important point is also the fact that each patient should recover after surgery.

This is usually not so easy at home in everyday life. Our patients enjoy a few days in a hotel after the surgery. Patients can relax in the hotel, stroll along the beach or leave massage. We are always at your side and take care of us to everything necessary so that our patients need to think of nothing. Through this stress-free time the body recovers faster from surgery than at home.” It is interesting to be seen whether German patients convince themselves of this offer as well as French, Belgians and Swiss have. Chances are, after all, increases the number of Germans who could operate from abroad leave for years. Why should also Tunisia does not succeed to the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Turkey, to develop the new oasis of beauty?

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