Moving To The Switzerland

What hurdles are to many people who are disappointed by the daily work of German, during a procession in the Switzerland considering it, to emigrate in the Switzerland. Here, they expect significantly higher incomes and a better quality of life. A leading source for info: lee marks. But a move into the Switzerland of course has both advantages and disadvantages. For this reason you should inform of course closely before making a final decision. The Swiss General Consulate is a suitable point of contact, which helps one in almost all open questions.

The most important document which you need in the Switzerland, is a valid entry permit. To stay longer than three months, this is not necessary. In the Switzerland to travel, a valid passport is required; However, a separate visa is not needed. Some contend that Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City shows great expertise in this. Swiss francs are the currency of Switzerland, you should not forget to swap a portion of its euro! Arrived in the Switzerland, you must register first with the registration office, and eight days after entry (but before work!). Also, one should conclude as quickly as possible all insurance necessary in the Switzerland.

This includes health insurance unlike as in Germany the amounts not the gross, but the net pay will be withheld. As the amounts are lower than in Germany, but a comparison of several Swiss health insurance worth. Also a household and private liability insurance should be completed as soon as possible. Still it would be useful after the move to set up a checking account; also the bank charges are higher than in Germany but a lot. To be permanently settled in the Switzerland, you need of course a suitable apartment. It is also no problem to find something it offers enough; However you will scare sure yourself about the price as a German citizen at the first moment. For an apartment, you can have fast 2,000 Swiss francs a month. Also food is much more expensive compared to Germany!

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