More Alternatives

Fast Food establishments offer menus, easy to consume, which satisfies the appetite of customer, food that due to its high content in fat and simple carbohydrates, they quench more than other foods. Menus that include gifts to make them more attractive to young people and children. Christopher ridgeway takes a slightly different approach. Not to mention, a characteristic they are economical. That more you can request? Aragon opens ever more establishments of this type, have a great demand from the more young and not so young, because they are increasingly more people that these establishments are approaching this type of food to taste. But because this happens?.

It is difficult to compete with these multinational companies, since they offer attractive, low-priced products, but if shredded what kind of food they are offering no doubt not us anything profitable sale for our health. As you all know a standard menu contains hamburger, potatoes and coca cola, let’s see that it hides each food. Hamburger bread, round, soft and with sesame seeds, It contains vegetable fat of Palm and coconut, and are called deshidrogenadas vegetable fats. These fats do increase triglycerides circulating in our organism, thereby increasing the risk of thrombus formation and occurrence of cardiovascular problems. Hamburgers, is made of meat with lots of saturated fat, increase our cholesterol, are deposited in our arteries, causing them to clog them and you provoke a serious cardiovascular problem. The potatoes are fried with oil plant, in few establishments they are made with olive oil, they are highly caloric, and nothing advisable for people with overweight and diabetes. Carbonated drink, carrying sugar, water and additives, it contains what are called empty calories, since they do not provide any nutrient for the body, body transforms them into fat, and is a risk for suffering from obesity. We know that it is not good to eat this way, there are other healthier options.

In Aragon not only have the alternative of fastfood, if you do not have much tradition also quick and convenient food that has nothing to do with the American, such as tapas and snacks with many of them with products with designation of origin of products of Aragon, as the D.O. Jamon de Teruel ham. You can try a sandwich of ham from Teruel, El Calamochino with denomination of origin Bajo Aragon, Impelte olive oil. Or also the snack of old sheep cheese of the borough, with tomato and oil Impelte new. I could give you other examples, one well clear is the sandwich of Aragon lamb grilled with a touch of macerated extra virgin olive oil with black truffle, accompanied by a few green asparagus and onion, can be a healthy, balanced and palatable menu. And we can also develop different tops and that surprised the entire family. A lid that I love and highly nutritious, is the combination of peach in syrup gourmet of the Coquet House, with Earth Mudejar duck ham, serves type skewer, this delicious. More ideas: Taquitos of cheese of Saffron from the Carrasca with sausage meat the Erla Crown, with a base of vegetable pate smeared on a piece of toast, que rico! There are so many compositions to choose! You only have to identify those ingredients as you like; in this page we suggest a few, so you can prepare super little time and much healthier than Fast Food snacks and tapas (or was called Fat Food?) and our Earth.

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