These fears are most common: fear of changes. Recently American Family Insurance sought to clarify these questions. To almost no one likes the changes, and many people prefer to forget about what you really want rather than face any type of change. However, the changes do not have that be to bad, on the contrary, can bring you many good things (surely you remember one occasion in which a change was for good). On the other hand, humans adapt to just about anything and is something to always keep in mind, that we adapt ourselves to the things new and began to consider them normal in a short time (and someone says it has changed of city, country, and race). Fear of the unknown. For even more opinions, read materials from christopher ridgeway. Sometimes it is difficult to face the unknown, with the result that you prefer to stay as you are, even if you’re not happy.

What is to what you’re used to, you know, what you can handle and that is easier than daring to take the leap into the unknown. But he thinks, you’ll take somewhere to stay there without doing anything? Fear of making mistakes. We all make mistakes, we are human beings. What errors teach us many things and contrary to what you think, evil is not a mistake, but what you’re doing to remedy the situation (if it is necessary to remedy this). Well that don’t worry so much mistakes, solution there for almost everything and that based on mistakes you learn; not to mention the things that have been discovered by mistake (e.g. penicillin).

Fear of success. Many people feared the alleged negative consequences of success, the sacrifices that in theory is going to lead. You will you become someone selfish, materialistic, snobbish won’t have time for your loved ones, and much less for yourself. But you know what, you have much more control over your life of which want to admit.

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