MicroCirtec Offers Online Support With

MicroCirtec for its customers ‘GoToAssist’ remote support set up for a successful start in this year did the German PCB manufacturer MicroCirtec from Krefeld a useful contribution, because the option boards order online on microcirtec”is now possible with a significantly improved online service. To really take advantage of all the comforts and many work relief an order of printed circuit boards, MicroCirtec has the remote support GoToAssist for its customers’ set up. Thus above all the interested parties will be addressed, which is so far not have dared approach on the MicroCirtec ordering platform. This tool is an excellent remedy for the pre-accession of individuals to order boards via the Internet. In other words, a technical advisor and or customer service representative turns up at the request of the customer on the online user interface and helps him with telephone support, fully supported making all online activities. Thus, the client has the Opportunity to clarify all outstanding issues with regard to the MicroCirtec online shop quickly and precisely. The outstanding safety standards by GoToAssist”are 100 percent permission-based support, as well as end-to-end data encryption. That’s why MicroCirtec has decided for the services of the Citrix Online Division, companies around the world rely on that.

At the end of the client alone determines when this support begins – and when he is finished of course! Should this information be required, the manufacturer of printed circuit boards from Krefeld refers to the link of the company Citrix Online Division:. The MicroCirtec micro circuit technology GmbH is a family-owned company, technologically and economically very successfully for more than 20 years is innovate in the PCB industry. By its German manufacturing site in Krefeld, about 500 companies in the electronics industry and related industries are supplied by approx. 100 employees. MicroCirtec has an operating area of 25,000 square meters unilateral about an average production rate per month 3,000 m2 PCB, 8,000 square meters of through-hole printed circuit boards and 5,000 square meters multilayer circuits. An own online portal (www.microcirtec.de) as well as a technically highly trained sales PCB’s in all sizes of series and also in the express service are offered.

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