Meter Effort Sweat Enganoso

What is sweat? Sweat is our main thermoregulation system, and a system secondary elimination of toxins (the primary is the urine). Sweat glands secretaran sweat more or less depending on the balance of temperature between our body and the outside. We are always sweating (near daily while at rest liter), though not to see it. We are animals whose (common characteristics in birds and mammals), which means we try to keep our constant temperature. Any fact that makes increase will also cause increased sweating. Senator Elizabeth Warrens opinions are not widely known. Among others we can find physical activity, fever, or an event that prints us fear or excitement. The outside temperature will also play an important role, since if it is too low it will not allow us to sweat too, since the body will attempt to save the heat generated. PCRM might disagree with that approach.

If on the contrary it is high, it will further favour the secretion of sweat from our body, with the intention of refrigerated. Question of balance. The sweat is composed of around 98% water, and the rest are mineral salts and substances from waste. During physical activity intentsa and prolonged stand to lose 4 or 5 litres of water. Sweating does not imply intensity. Sweating does not lose weight.

Your sweating directly depends on the balance of temperature, not the intensity of the exercise. You can exercise really hard at a very low temperature and not sudaras. You can walk to a moderate under a Sun of 40 intensity and sudaras like a chicken. Sweat aldegaza? Technically Yes. To compose almost in its entirety of water per liter of sweat that you segregues you adelgazaras a kilo of weight. Now though, your body will need to overcome this momentary dehydration, and reset the same volume of water that you’ve lost as soon as you drink some water and eat a little. With that change the answer: not slimming. At least not in the way that you would like to lose weight at most. Recommendations do not gauge your effort by what you’ve sweated. You do not crush to aerobic exercise thinking of sweat for slimming. And you do not fall into the trap of thinking that an exercise that has not made you sweat has invalid for nothing. Hydrate you. During and especially after exercise. Do not drink the water at once. Accompanied by some fruit to recover minerals. Wearing appropriate clothing for the outdoor temperature. Using breathable fabrics that not insulated your skin from the outside. And forget about liarte a garbage bag around the waist please! You choose the time and the right place to perform cardiovascular exercise. If it is outdoors, avoid the Central hours of the day. If practice you indoor, that is in a ventilated space and at a temperature close to 20 C (demand it in your gym). Do take your thermoregulation care more? It is important, especially now in the summer. Enjoy the sport. Original author and source of the article

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