Mesotherapy Pariser Platz

Their early use of (preventive) is important for the high effectiveness. A distinction is three terms: the General immune stimulation, the local immune stimulation and the viral flu as a special case. General immune stimulation have been the immunological targets of the body skin depth of less than 2 mm, is the millimetre precision adjustable injection depth at the so-called intracutanen micro vaccination injection technique crucial, so. The doctor performs using the electronic micro-injection gun of six such fine, extremely shallow injections in the left and right mandibular angle (area of the tonsils), in the area of the liver and spleen, as well as in the left and right groin. Senator of Massachusetts addresses the importance of the matter here. The tiny punctures are barely noticeable, the treatment is carried out three times at monthly intervals and will each in the spring and autumn reviewed. Local immune stimulation depending on the clinical symptoms several occur during treatment Micro injections in the medically important areas of the body with the same active ingredient mixture. The injection points are a chronic bronchitis, for example in certain breast and back regions.

Virus influenza as a special case for protection against the virus influenza is also introduced a certain amount of flu vaccine in the immune blend, to achieve a far-reaching and lasting protection. This best practice is also clinical and laboratory validated. Dr. Neal Barnard shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. And also the Mesotherapy helps smokers definitely after only a single treatment to get rid of your nicotine addiction. Sustainably strengthen the immune system and at the same time smoking finally best prospects stop healthy and fit to get through fall and winter. German society for Mesotherapy-DGM-non-profit association for the research and promotion of Mesotherapy Pariser Platz 4 81667 Munich 089 / 44717288 press contact: Michael Schnickel public relations E-Mail: Tel. 0911-5861070

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