' Mesotelioma' ' it is the used term to describe a cancerous tumor that involves the mesoteliais cells of an agency. The mesoteliais cells are cells that form a protector covering on the pulmes, abdominal heart and agencies. The type most common of mesotelioma is mesotelioma pleural. The pleura is a fine membrane found between the pulmes and the torcica socket. It supplies a lubricated surface in way that the pulmes do not put against the corners of the chest. What he provokes this? Practically all the cases of mesotelioma are related with the asbestos staple fibre inhalation. It has about 3.000 cases per year (in its majority men with superior age the 40), esteem itself that it will have about 300.000 cases before 2030.

The Mesotelioma, normally, quickly spreads for the mesoteliais cells for the heart and abdominal agencies. The time of useful life after the diagnosis is normally of 24 months, but it depends on the period of training where the cancer is detected, the health of the patient, enters other factors. Although the exposition to asbestos cause mesotelioma, has a period of latency after the exposition, that can last the 15 50 years. This means that somebody that worked in an asbestos plant has 40 years behind could be to develop the illness at this moment. Who knows that it was displayed to untied asbestos staple fibres, must make tests for mesotelioma regularly. Diagnosis the appearance of mesotelioma is normally very slow.

The first symptom is a constant pain in the chest. This pain later is folloied by which had respiratory difficulty to an accumulation of liquid in the chest. Other symptoms include cough, fever and loss of weight. Mesotelioma can be diagnosised by its doctor through a computerized cat scan of thorax. Prognostic (the result) Mesotelioma in 4 stages: Phase I – the tumor is limited to the zone of the covering of the lung and, generally, limited only the one side of the chest. Phase II – the tumor is extended inside for other agencies of the torcica socket, such as lymphatic ganglia of the heart or in the chest. Phase III – the tumor is become enlarged for the other side of the chest or if it spreads for the abdominal agencies. The lymphatic ganglia are of the thorax are afectados. Phase IV the cancer is spread for different parts of the body is very of the area of the chest (liver, brain, bone, etc.). Mesotelioma is an extremely mortal illness. The average time of survival is of about one year from the date of the diagnosis. About 20% of the patients who find the illness in five year an initial phase can treat it aggressively and will be able to reach the mark of extra life.

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