Lost Baggage

When cases go their own way annoying situation at the airport: in joyful anticipation of vacationers on the luggage conveyor belt is on the upcoming holidays, but he waits for the case to no avail. What do travelers in such cases and what compensation they have, explains the flight Portal fluege.de. Who is suddenly without a toothbrush and the necessary clothing, comes mostly not, to buy them himself. In this case, the respective airline when delayed the case for all costs must come up. However, luxury items will not be refunded. After unsuccessful wait at the baggage carousel should travellers immediately contact the tour operator, the airline or the luggage transfer and report the loss.

Usually, the missing suitcase are sent to after recording the necessary personal data at the desired location. Who have to pick up his suitcase himself, can also make the travel costs the airline charged. Such events are unfortunately not isolated against all expectations. In the past All 25 million pieces of luggage were lost worldwide year. Or were they forwarded false after a stopover, not fast enough loaded even completely forgotten at the departure airport. In most cases, travelers got their stuff back within 48 hours. Package travellers may require for every day without her luggage (www.fluege.de/ catalog/luggage/glossary-2552) a price reduction of 25 percent.

Baggage, which are not recovered remain missing after three weeks, affected person can claim generally a compensation of 1,100 euros. Therefore travel luggage insurance often discouraged, these lohen is only if valuables or expensive souvenirs should be secured. more information: news.

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