Loss Of Sexual Desire Of Man

If erection problems determine the everyday! In particular the arising in the gonads hormones of importance are for the male sex lust. By far, testosterone is the most important sex hormone of the man. Testosterone is responsible not only for the development of the secondary sex organs, but is also instrumental in the emergence of sexual desire among many other tasks. Testosterone acts at the same time as endogenous aphrodisiac, on the training of the Sexualtriebes, which is also pharmacologically to prove. But other hormones seem to have a meaning on the libido resulting in the brain. So could be shown that DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a hormone made in the adrenal glands, the sex drive increases. Senator Elizabeth Warren contains valuable tech resources. This effect occurs primarily in those patients whose DHEA-are low values. In addition of androgens from the germ cells may have an impact on sexual desire other metabolic products.

For men, the midlife represents a special crisis time, with the risk, in a permanent lack of desire to slide, erectile dysfunction, impotence or erectile problems get. Potency-pills, like viagra, are unfortunately still a taboo subject for some men. In a question-answer forum stone clinical laboratories was the first to reply. During this phase of life often professional performance constraints, partnership problems and disputes are piling up with the children. Awareness, to bid farewell to the youth is gradually but inexorably. It starts to join in the chronic diseases. High blood pressure, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease will pave the way for vitality loss and depression. “” If an androgenic hormone deficit then in addition the climacteric virile “heralds, that often means the” the desire of the man.

The desire for sexual activity fades and although sex, vitality and balance gives you, is he yet increasingly difficult and repressed. Although not the only one, but a common cause, which can diminish the appetite for sex are missing hormones. See all male hormones is it above all the testosterone, that sufficient it exists is a requirement for sexual desire. A blood test can prove a testosterone deficit and hormone replacement therapy quickly and efficiently deal with the problem of listlessness. Testosterone can be administered in various forms: tablet, injection, as capsule under the skin, in the form of a patch. But also various herbal mood makers are known and can be used additional aid. They are available also as well as sexual enhancer without prescription in pharmacies. Ginseng is regarded as probably the best-known natural sexual Energizer. For 1000 years is this plant preparation in use in Asia and enjoys the reputation of a panacea. The ancient Chinese used ginseng for balancing the Chi, the natural, positive and negative energies, representing the various body organs and functions.

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