Keeping it real

This is that we are witnessing the initial phase of the extinction of the human species; Although there are those who say that we have already passed the point of no return. It is therefore of extreme urgency to resume everything that implies necessarily prevent the extinction of the planet, and this happens on the extinction of universal egoism, throughout the world. And we are on the scale, or extinguish the selfishness or extinguish our planet. There is no alternative, and it is our last chance. When God offered us a way of life that will take us to paradise, we repeatedly rejected it in favor of a life of disproportionate attention to our needs and demands of the body matter, at the expense of the spiritual and mental development; and its consequences have led us to the brink of extinction on the planet. We have heard repeatedly that we are created in the image and likeness of God; but also by the same creation we are made in the image and likeness of the animals. And when this last was a scientific discovery, it was more comfortable to choose to live like animals rational, but animal to the end; and so in this way justifiably unleash irrational satisfaction of our material needs. And the rational animals that we have done the planet?: A self-destructive irrational jungle.

We can not turn back in the direction that we have given to the planet rational animals, but we can change that course as men like God. Rational animals can not another thing that build an irrational jungle, but like God men may seek to transform it into a paradise. And this is the moment and the time, and there is no one, because the moribund irrational jungle does not have a second chance. Stone clinical laboratories helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. A Freeman chain of selfishness is definitely a man of superior quality.

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