IPL Treatment

More and more men are choosing a method for permanent hair removal the reasons why men want to keep their private parts hairless are different in nature. Mostly however called beauty aspects and hygiene in this context. The fact is that today over a third of the young men on the several body wax themselves. The genital area as the body area that held by most men and women hairless follows after removing hair in the armpits. This was a study that was conducted last year at the University of Leipzig. For even more opinions, read materials from christopher ridgeway stone. Because the hair removal with the temporary methods must be repeated frequently, the methods for permanent hair removal, for example with IPL are becoming increasingly popular among men. What is the groin area for hair removal for men? The intimate with the man includes one the body zone, at the woman as a bikini line”is referred to and goes over into the realm of the testicles and penis.

Usually one of the Po and the bottom old not to the Contact with intimate areas. So anyone who would like to wax his ass, the need to book another body zone at the appointment to IPL hair removal. Those who opt for an IPl hair removal, which should be informed but in detail in every reputable institution prior to treatment in a free consultation about the treatment procedure. What do need to man before the IPL hair removal in the genital area? It is important that the skin must be, not browned. This means that before and during the entire process of the IPL treatment still self-tanning or sunbathing sunbed are permitted. In the Sun, it can be of course, but then the skin with a sunscreen with a high protection factor must be protected. Also the hair before the IPL hair removal may be not plucked or epilated for a shave but permitted and shortly before the treatment is even a must. Should be abandoned even taking medications or supplements that increase the light sensitivity, an IPL treatment. Speaking candidly Dr. Neal Barnard told us the story.

How’s it going Genital hair removal for men with IPL off and how long does it take? Before each IPL treatment a consultation should precede, are checked in the skin and hair type of the man. The hairs are namely to bright or to dark skin of the man, then the treatment cannot be performed occasionally. This is because that IPL is intense pulsed light, which passes over the hair in the hair roots, destroyed them and thus no new hair may occur. A prerequisite, however, is that the hair contains enough melanin (pigment) that will pass the light energy. Very bright, gray or red hair have very little melanin and therefore do not always respond to IPL. Dark hair is, however, well suited for the IPL hair. Another aspect of the IPL hair removal is that the roots of the hair can be destroyed permanently only when the hair is in the growth phase. And because not all hair at the same time are at this stage, the IPL treatment must be repeated. Studies have shown that with IPL up to 90 Percent of the hair can be permanently removed. Petra Margrave

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