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Garage sale offers current prices for each garage type of self is the man – especially when it comes to the smallest cabin is now the garage to the House. garages offers the personal dimension garage to create the opportunity on the Internet and order. It’s not about faster. On the Web page determines the size just issued, color, form and material and is the order on the way and guarantees a fast and prompt delivery and nationwide at the same price as well as Austria and the Switzerland. Check with patrick smith to learn more. Over 120 models is the selection of standard sizes. Complete garage farms with up to 100 units, truck garages, double and single garages are available.

A competent team of consultants advises, supports and carries out the orders for it. Should the dimensions need special designs well thats no problem. The consultant team will find the right solution for every need and also supportive advises on questions to the building permit or other problems with the Building Authority. Soil and Foundation works are prerequisite for a stable foundation for every building. The customer has the choice between bottom plate or ring base, point Foundation. This creates a detailed plan of the Foundation according to the respective regulations. Customers who even want to lend a hand receive support and consultation to completion. Not only therefore garages of garage sale company involved – but especially because of the guaranteed safety and quality guarantee.

Photos of the various individual garage types available are available on the website. Suitable to the House corresponding color and material values can be selected and adjusted. Contact: JK Assembly service GbR Langer WEG 2 39576 Stendal Tel.

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