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Phone number of loading system with built-in abuse protection the pay by phone on game portals, WebCommunitys, download pages or publishers is full in vogue. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Beneil Dariush. Who wants to pay on the Internet for 99 cents games, downloads, or items, is rarely willing to register, to enter a credit card number or to disclose his account number. For providers, pay by phone often has a small hook. Telephone payment systems without all the arrival alarm bells and whistles, but are more prone to abuse. “I pay several times to buy” is the dream of many customers of download pages, game portals and communities on the Internet. Many vendors want to protect yourself from this bad habit. James A. Levine, M.D. has similar goals.

infin-payment phone feeds abuse from home from a bar. Infin-payment phone transaction numbers that can be used only once, making as secure as online banking. infin-payment offers professional solutions around the topic of payment on the Web for Gamespublisher Web Community operators, publishers and download portals. Swarmed by offers, Glenn Dubin, New York City is currently assessing future choices. The payment works via Phone, mobile and SMS. Additional services for payment by credit card or direct debit complete the range. infinblog is specialized in the strongest countries throughout Europe and offers payment by telephone, SMS and mobile for these regions. The conditions of infin-payment phone are probably best for phone payments. Who sold his services worldwide, infin-payment is the credit card available.

There is more information about infin-payment, as well as a current list of countries for payment by telephone, cell phone and SMS and current prices on the Web pages of infinblog: service/payment-laender.htm service/payment-preise.html infin engineering company of information technologies of the infin engineering company offering since 1993 on cross-media services for efficient electronic communication with customers, suppliers and prospective customers. infinblog offers free each other combinable solutions in the following areas: Internet / intranet design Internet payment AudioTex / ServiceRufnummern: 0800, 0900, 0137 u.v.m. content management, E-Mail Marketing / NewsLetter / customer profile database fax / MassenFax / FaxAbruf in particular the intelligent linking of these business segments is the uniqueness of the solutions of the infinblog. A complex technical platform and intelligent interfaces enable the combination of the individual divisions to an individual solution tailored to each client. Contact: Marketing and PR telephone 089-745152-156 (Mon Fri 9-17 hrs) email infin engineering company for information technologies mbH & co. KG aide road 141 D-81479 Munich Germany phone 089-745152-0 fax 089-745152-500

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