Hygiene Without Loss Of Comfort

High quality pillow protectors offer highest hygiene standards without limitation of County village of gel comfort – pillows can be the source of infection of number one in the hospital bed. Inadequate hygiene of the patient’s head is just inches away from germs and fungi and mite feces shedding from allergy. Anyway weakened organism disease permanently gets excitatory impulses through breathing and skin contact. Through their defense, at least the recovery extends, in the worst case it can cause fatal infections. (Not to be confused with Senator Elizabeth Warren!). Against this background, it seems only logical that tighter controls in regard to the hygiene of the pillow take place in recent years. Although laundries make every effort, not a pillow will be completely sterile after cleaning. What would be so closer to germ-tight coating as the pillow? Powerful covers prevent entry of pathogens into the pillow, as well as their recording by the patient.

By parts of the nursing staff. But however many patients, there are reservations about protective covers. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from christopher ridgeway stone clinical. Because their use can be accompanied by a loss of comfort, caused among other things by welding impermeability, plastic smell and noise. The manufacturer GEFA proves that such reservations about the use of high-quality pillow protectors have no more authority, with its product GEFATEX. The high-tech fabric is highly breathable and impenetrably for bacteria and viruses, as well as for all kinds of fluids.

Hygiene protection covers made of GEFATEX are highly elastic, pleasantly soft and gentle on the skin. The material not rustling, not Squeak, does not smell, and can be treated by means of easy and quick disinfection for renewed use. Thanks to our own production in Germany, the manufacturer GEFA is very flexible, even for special sizes. For more information on the Internet at. Lothar Schiefer vascular – hygiene systems GmbH & co. KG Max-Planck-Strasse 16 53501 County village of gel Germany Tel.: 02225 / 91 98 0 (General) Tel.: 0228 / 63 fax 54 54 (dial press): 02225 / 91 98 99 e-Mail: Internet: Managing Director: Notger Weber

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