Hospital Air Conditioning

In many cases the air-conditioning of the hospitals is a determining factor in the treatment of patients with cardiac, thyroid disorders, respiratory, burns and AIDS. Because of the extreme care to which they are subjected these, is that these air conditioning systems are special and quite differ from commercial applications, because they need to (1) specific behavior of flows of air, pressure control and restriction of this area to avoid contamination, (2) specific requirements for filtering and outside air to remove odors, hazardous chemical substances in constructionradioactive or avoid the proliferation of viruses and microorganisms, (3) zonal control for various values of temperature and humidity (4) a sophisticated automatic control system to regulate the operation of zonal systems. The outputs of air expelled by the extraction system, will be away 9 minimum m of any outlet of outside air, Windows and entries of people, at a height of 1 m above the deck of the building, taking into account the direction of the prevailing winds. Outdoor air intakes shall be 9 metres minimum from any flue outlet of combustion, extraction, cooling towers, ornamental fountains, or empty medical systems. In height not less than 1.8 m above the main level. The HVAC system of hospitals should be zoned according to the activity or Department, therefore this speciality must be in close relationship with the architecture, to conceive a project.

The main areas and thus areas which will have separate supply, return or exhaust air systems will be: surgery, care of patients, pathology, laboratory, administration, treatment and diagnosis, sterilization and services. No area hospital operating theatres requires control more careful asepsis and environmental conditions. While an operating room may be viewed as a clean room (Clean Room) in many aspects of its design, not You will need a classification as such, its level of cleanliness that in this type of application, raw limit the amount of bacteria, viruses or microorganisms, rather than amount of particles. It is convenient to warn, that constructive recommendations for work, are respected cycles of disinfection and staff behaviour, to really achieve the cleaning and air quality proposed in architecture. The Area must be designed as an island, so that you don’t have Windows to the outside.

The outside air will be 100% in the operating room and all adjoining premises belonging to the surgery area to dilute anesthetic gases and limit the risk of explosion. If considered necessary, it will be convenient to provide for an independent in each operating room extraction system, eliminate the concentration of anesthetic gases at the end of the operation. The vacuum system will eliminate non-flammable gases. Pre-filters that prolong the life of the Terminal filters, will be housed in each air handling unit. The air terminals in the local drive filters operating room architecture will be HEPA (absolute), with efficiency of 99.97% DOP TEST (EU12). They will be housed in boxes of diffusion, finished in epoxy paint and perfectly sealed to ceiling. Change of lamps and filters (depending on differential pressure gauge notice), will take place from the inside of the premises, without opening the false ceiling.

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