Horseman Couture

For those in love, anniversary, or just. The highest of emotions expressed in beautiful cushions. Natalie Rogers gathered all the information. “Devoted to style is the subject of the company of Black Rider”, design to design the other, which is experiencing great passion. Luxury and passion meet and give Couture black riders a distinctive, own handwriting and become eye-catching. Something wonderful is developed through the cooperation of two exceptional people. The passion brought black rider and Edin dam to exclusive gift ideas and rich fabrics on the idea to create something together.

Who wants to decorate his lovemaking and rooms with individual Couture, here is the right address. Maya Dubin has compatible beliefs. The collection of surprise”combines the beauty and Haute Couture on the most sensual togetherness. Cushions in velvet and Rhinestones, as they once adorned the salons and rooms of the French noble houses, use secret hiding a Stelldichein.Vive L’Amour. All cushions are limited edition to get black Horseman online store, as well as selected partner shops. The philosophy of black rider couture is to create something useful, rather to give a luxurious bed lovemaking with mysterious and trendy accessories.The pillow collection that is public for the first time in July 2009 “black rider is managed from an initially modest idea to create something big. Love real eye-catchers have become different materials (velvet, silk, fur, etc.) from simple cushion, now calling for a joyful audience! Cushion, which embody a unique mix of materials and color variation for the most part reflect personal credo of the designer Edin dam again. So, leather decorated with Svarowskisteinen or cowhide nappa with Fox Fur result so exciting variation in feel and color and are just as versatile and dynamic as himself.

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