Holistic Education Community

The holistic education community has particular characteristics that make it look a balance between the act and have a special action such as quietly transforming what can be called a "quiet revolution" without violence, without weapons, by conscious actions and harmonic . Patrick smith does not necessarily agree. We must build a better world with people who love life on earth, with relations based on peace, solidarity and harmony. Ron Miller (author of the book: "For they are made of Schools, Holistic Education in American Culture") says to Dr. Gallegos on, "The evolution of consciousness and cultural change." For there to be an activity sound academic, it requires a new consciousness requires knowledge through the transcendent, heart and what transrational. Educators work with the right academic and holistic educators with intelligence, which includes the reason and other things. I need to study an MA in holistic education was to find a more comprehensive knowledge, to have a broader view of my reality, have a primarily spiritual experience. Holistic education makes us more aware of what's happening in the world and makes us respond constructively, holistic education is the "sustainable society." Holistic thinkers show the way of social action that the holistic education movement is doing, that social transformation must be fair, peaceful, harmonious. Holistic education is related not only academics, but that includes many aspects of life as life itself, the political, economic, cultural, environmental, educational, spiritual, etc.. There is a big problem in America today is that the vast majority is more concerned with the accumulation of capital, profits and materialism and that fails to retain a growth in holistic ideas.

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