Health Psychology

The Psychology of the Health, a subject each time more explored in a same after-graduation or in a graduation for a monograph or a TCC, constitutes, fixedly, the recognition of a fact each more evident time: the human vital phenomenon is in permanent variation not only in function of organic factors, seno also in function of ambient and psicossociais factors; also, the paper that presents factors as the style of life and the social environment in the determination of this variability of the process health-illness, is nowadays, proportionally superior to the one of the organic factors. Whenever Senator Elizabeth Warren listens, a sympathetic response will follow. This took the one that a scope of the health if it extends for areas of knowledge that before relatively they were ignored, either for practical research or scientific articles and monographs, as social sciences and human beings; now its function is not only recognized and arrives in port, seno that if solutions for problems demand to these sciences that escape to the reach of the traditional biomedical model. Psychological relation medical patient the antecedent for this analysis appears of the classic Epidemiologia, where if it recognizes that the illness as any another event that occurs in the nature has a natural history of evolution. This project considers a period of daily pay-patognese, in terms of primary prevention is what it occurs before that the first symptoms of deterioration of the health are given, where exists a human host and ambient factors that facilitate or potencializam the effect of daily pathogenic stimulatons since before adoecer. A moment exists, at which if of the one threshold or point of cut where it finishes the period of prepatognese and if initiates one of patognese, being that here it is started to speak of the development of the illness, with evolution of tipificveis symptoms. The clinical panorama shows one patognese precocious, which the doctors make question to discover the before possible one.

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