Health Of The Children, The Sun And The Sea

The filters family celebration day at the beach, to the health of children, the benefits of the Sun and the sea to find pollution and excessive carbon-containing anhydride, CO2, dispersion in the atmosphere thinned the ozone layer, the powerful ultraviolet rays. The phenomenon is before everyone eyes: the Sun is no longer the former times. Anyway we in the Bel Paese, the land of the Sun and the sea, and the Sun live and curative effects for our physical well-being and for a proper physical development of the children bring the sea with them. A Lake holiday is always a panacea for our health. We learn the basic guidelines for proper sunbathing.

Prepare your case, forget to bring not a children protective cream. Before leave for a vacation, you must test the cream on the child and check that she caused any allergy. To read more click here: christopher ridgeway. And then remember that the whole body of the baby, the feet also, rub, before to go to the beach, each 2-3 hours and always after the bath. Reminds you on the sunglasses, the CAP and the white cotton T-shirt, even under an umbrella, because the Sun’s rays filter the canvas Strip to wear! Another important rule to avoid the hours: from 11 am to 4 pm babies in the shade must remain absolutely, because the rays are too strong. And if the baby has less than six months, he may not be to the Sun for more than half an hour! The children, as adults, must not immobile stand under the Sun, they must move and frequently drink water and fruit juices. The Sun is important for bone health. Click christopher ridgeway for additional related pages.

The rays of the Sun actually affect bone structure, because they allow, vitamin D is formed. Essential for the mooring of the calcium in the bones, especially in the sensitive period of growth, this important vitamin is absorbed partly by food (milk, butter, eggs, meat) and will be partly synthesized by the body. Its peculiarity is that it the Sun required to make. It is only through the ultraviolet rays that the complicated process of photosynthesis, which converts provitamin D into active vitamin takes place. So as the sun set is essential for health, especially in the early years of life, when there are the most important bone growth and the body has a greater need for vitamin D. If one combines the many virtues of the Sun to the sea – with the positive impact of the iodine and sea aerosol, for example – to improve our health and well-being. The sea salt mineral aerosols made of small particles of water, steam and ions of sea water takes from the wind, creates important therapeutic agents. Sea and Sun is also against the diseases caused by dermatitis suitable combination. Dermatitis is a genetic disease, often associated with asthma or some other allergies, causing Dermatitis, eczema, dry skin, intense itching, sores and column alias. Dermatitis already infects babies during their first year of Life and tends to disappear spontaneously after the age of development. The Ulraviolettstrahlen can therefore exert their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect, and help the salt of the separation of the skin cells and the renewal of the skin. Furthermore appearance, by not underestimate, we give our mood also a whiplash the Sun triggers in the production of serotonina and endorphins – known hormones and neuro transmitters of the good mood – being. Finally you take also a beautiful and healthy Tan. A Familiensefeiertag offers every spa and relaxation. Enjoy it! Lisa guerrini – Italy family Hotels – Italy family hotels family celebration day

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