GSM Alarm

There are a number of different alarm systems. All the car alarms have a standard set of features, whether unilateral or car alarm car alarm with pager and GSM module. Lock the motor. Management of central locking. Shock sensor. The yield on light signaling. The yield on the siren. Guard the doors, trunk, hood.

These functions usually have a one-sided car alarm, this alarm will approach, if You park your car in the courtyard of the house and your car is low-price category. Bilateral car alarm (or car alarm two way communication) as have those same features and function of the pager. Advantages of car alarm with pager are in full control of your vehicle at a distance of 300-500 meters (in urban areas). At this distance, you can open and close the car, watch the temperature in the car, while trying to break your car, the pager will alert you to remote control signal or vibrating alert, indicating the zone tripping on liquid crystal display (open door, hood, trunk, or worked shock sensor), as a pager built in clock and alarm clock. Such an alarm should work if you park your car in the yard or in a garage near his home.

There are car alarms two way communication and startup engine. Car alarms with auto engine may be installed on a car with mechanical and automatic transmission. Auto-start the engine by a remote control car alarm, possibly because same exercise AutoPlay on engine temperature, the temperature inside the cabin, autorun at a specific time and voltage on-board network. (When installing the car alarm with auto engine car, which has built-in immobilizer, needs a second chip-key) Speaking of the immobilizer. Immobilizer can be integrated into car alarm, that is, when removed from the protection your car will not start until you: do not press any button on the fob, or podnesete special key or do not have to yourself stick-label itself immobilizer is not even in a complex with car alarms is a good anti-theft tool, since it has about three block engine, and expensive models, and wireless lock the engine. Recently appeared GSM alarm, car alarm is completely satisfying the needs of motorists. Advantages of GSM Alarm: Range of signaling is not limited, that is where the 'catch' your mobile phone, there is in touch your car, wherever you go: the country or in another country, your car will notify you about what happened SMS message or voice message in Russian. When you install the GSM car alarm you can fully control it from your mobile phone, such as open or close the car, turn on auto-run car engine, to see the charge battery or temperature in the cabin car. These car alarms can be installed on cars of any price range and brand. Also recommend to install GSM car alarm on a car that parkuete in the garage away from home and normal car alarm two way communication is not 'catch'. Most new car alarm is a car alarm with color display, they can only be a two way communication, and in which the model is present Autoplay engine. Menu color keychain holds both in the mobile phone, it allows you to quickly find the desired function. Use the system with a color screen is very convenient. The price of this car alarm a little bit more conventional two-way car alarm, but the comfort and convenience justify the money.

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