Fundamental Reform

90prozent the health system in Germany is based on changing unmet, future generations need to be redeemed. Dusseldorf, 6 Feb. 2012. Demographics and facts force the urgent need for action in the health system. The citizens insurance is only temporary solution for the continuation of an approach wrong in principle.

The statutory health insurances are the dominant choke point in the otherwise private Reserve-funded system with their speculative generation contract. Green, red and left challenge for some time from their opposition role the easily marketable idea of a tax-funded citizens insurance for all. As accents in party programmes may represent black/yellow not begin can be anchored in pre-election campaign for the election in 2013. In our health care system, an exuberant share of administrative costs is the heavy burden in the regulated area. On the other hand, does the system work largely well and would in many countries as exemplary interpreted.

However, the cost increases with annual regularity level always einschnurenderes. And in addition to the burdensome administration and uneffizienter Formalistik, who knows still no cost-saving electronic patient record, the increase in life expectancy, the rapid progress of medical performance as well as the constant innovations in the pharmaceutical press the cost in new orders of magnitude. In the field of privately financed can be test the card of the private health insurance system customer, to control the individual costs. At the law offices of citizens is delivered the decisions of the Administration, and that would apply to a greater extent on the unifying citizens insurance. An amendment to system is urgent in view of the demographic development in Germany. A basic idea of the citizens insurance is to abolish the only social insurance system in Germany so far generation just the private Krankenversicherung (PKV). And this in the face of a situation in which the ageing provisions of private amount to more than EUR 160 billion.

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