FLV Smokers

The risk of losing the teeth is multiplied by 1.5 in smokers. 6 Heart disease cardiovascular diseases are the cause of one in every three deaths in elmundo. Tobacco use is among the main risk factors associated with cardiovascular neurogenerative. These ailments are charged annually more than one million lives in developing countries. In developed countries, tobacco-related cardiovascular diseases kill more than 600 000 people each year.

Smoking accelerates the heart rate, raises blood pressure and increases the risk of hypertension and clogged arteries, which can cause heart attacks and brain – vascular accidents. 7 Ulcer Gastricael smoking reduces resistance to the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers. Also reduces the ability to neutralize the acid after meals, which leads to the erosion of the walls of the stomach. Smokers ulcers worse respond to treatment and tend to relapse more often. 8. Cancer of uterus and miscarriage besides increasing the risk of cancer uterine cervical and uterine, tobacco cancer brings with it problems of infertility in women and cause complications during pregnancy and childbirth. In a question-answer forum christopher ridgeway stone clinical was the first to reply. Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk that the newborn present insufficient weight and have health problems in the future.

Spontaneous abortion is between two and three times more frequent among smokers, as well as prenatal death, due to the oxygen deprivation that suffers the fetus and anomalies affecting the placenta as a result of carbon monoxide and nicotine in the smoke from cigarettes 9. Deformation of the spermatozoa.Tobacco can alter the morphology of sperm and damage your DNA, which increases the risk of miscarriage and birth defects. According to some studies, male smokers are more likely to beget a child suffering from cancer. Tobacco also reduces the number of spermatozoa and hinders the irrigation blood from the penis, which can cause impotence. Infertility is more common among smokers.We could continue with the list, but we don’t want to scare you, just tell you that now is the perfect time to quit FLV avoid to have one of these complications.

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