Fitness Videos

The most common diameter of the wheel for fitness videos ranges from 76 to 82 mm. It should be borne in mind that the bigger the figure, the more it becomes, and the maximum speed you can develop on the rollers, with small bumps in the road will be felt less. Rigidity, as has been said a little above, denoted by the second pair of digits on the label wheel. The most popular among the masses of the range of hardness ranges from 78A to 85A, and with increasing importance, rigidity, respectively, increases. From this parameter depends on the wheel a few things.

First of all, hard wheels are easier to maintain speed, but less – is strongly felt vibrations from the road. Second, the greater the stiffness, the lower grip, is fraught with bad consequences for the unprepared scooter. Therefore, for a comfortable trip is best to decide on 'golden mean' in the choice of wheels. Their bearings can safely be called one of the most important parts of the rollers. From the quality of the parts directly affects the quality of the product as a whole.

Buying skates, we all want to enjoy a comfortable riding it on them, and with bad bearings to reach a goal will be very difficult. The quality of the bearings can be judged by the accuracy class of their manufacture. There is a certain standard ABEC (ABEC-3, ABEC-5, ABEC-7 and others), which produced marked parts in accordance with the quality of polishing. The higher the number on the right, the less friction between the parts in the bearing caused while driving, more speed, better and more detail. Proven firms complement the entry-level class bearings ABEC-5 and above. By the way, the bearings as the wheels tend to wear out. Many do not realize that this is part of expenditure and any time you can simply replace the other.

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