Finnish Sauna

Sauna … how 'fashionable' word has become in everyday Rossii.Segodnya, on weekends, people spend not in the bath, as it was before, and sauna, which naturally sounds more prestigious. Now, every year, on December 31 with a Peter Vasechkin friends have not will rest in the bath, and sauna. Yes, it sounds absolutely not … And yet, the sauna differs from the usual Russian bath? Why do our residents prefer her bath? What is special? As a rule, are now among the people There is an opinion that differs from a sauna bath that couples it is created by a water tank located on the stove, but not at the expense of "soft playing" water on hot stones in the bath. Thus to assume that the air in Bole sauna dry than in the bath, that which contributes to reducing the burden on the cardiovascular system.

Yet, looking in an encyclopedia, or studying the history of the sauna, we were surprised to learn that the word "sauna" means "Bath", in Finnish only. The word is, as I hear, I write – sauna. So, in that the source below says that the sauna is not different from the Russian banya! That is, in the Finnish sauna too steamed twigs, pour water on heated stones, and after the sauna or plunge into the hole dive into the lake, is also considered very useful rubbing with snow. Perhaps a common misconception about the distinguishing features between a sauna and steam room started since the appearance of electric furnaces, when in Russia and other countries began supplying stoves for saunas, not just for the "soft playing" water on hot stones. There's just steam created by water-filled containers installed on the stove, by slow boiling of water in the air gradually allocate the necessary steam. These are now the "wrong" and saunas may have caused mass confusion. An interesting fact is that in the bath Finnish sauna, or as they call them, are very popular among the local population. Thus, it is estimated that every third Finn has its own sauna, and in apartment buildings, where no individual saunas – is necessarily sauna in the basement or on the ground floor of the house. However, in other countries – countries in Europe and the CIS, emerging bath is also known as saunas, and it sounds nicer and more modern. For example, in Ukraine are very popular Sauna in Kiev. So now we know that, in fact, concepts such as bath and sauna represent the same phenomenon, only in different languages!

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