Financing And Capital Raising Businesses Even In Times Of The Credit Crunch

Financing seminar on March 11, 2010, for entrepreneurs and consulting practitioners Dr. Werner financial services group offers its practice-oriented Finance meeting on “Capital and financing for medium-sized companies in times of the credit crunch” on March 11, 2010 at special rates. The financial Conference provides detailed information about all the options to more equity capital (capital gains and non-cash balance sheet optimization) for the financing of investment to growth capital, and stimmrechtsloses mezzanine capital (quiet capital, participation capital and loan capital) of private investors and investors (individual investor offering about mezzanine fund / investment companies / private equity funding or through private placements through diversified investors). The finance expert Dr. Horst Siegfried Werner are as seminar leader on the subject of raising capital – also for small businesses – the special occasion, the financial meeting on March 11, 2010 in Gottingen at the bargain price of 189,-(instead of 489,-) and any other seminar participants to visit 139,-. “In the compact seminar, financing for companies financing non-banking for medium-sized companies and family-owned company despite banking and credit crisis, capital, mezzanine capital, venture capital, fund capital, funding,” four expert speakers representing in detail the opportunities and alternative forms of financing of bankenunabhanigen corporate financing through mezzanine capital and other equity also inform a small capital funding “for small businesses and start-ups with low capital requirements without brochure from 50.000,-to approximately 1,500,000,-; Practice notes provide for the procurement of BFin permission-free “small capital”, describe the flow of capital intensive, explain the practical placement paths and finally go on financial advertising / financial communications as a means of acquiring successful investor a. Finally are also funding and Subsidy capital represented.

Seminar visitors get the so important for the future of your company information tab in the context of the corporate financing without Bank. The seminar facilities include informative documentation and specialist brochures. Entrepreneur, consultant and entrepreneur can call 0551 / 99964-241 (contact person: Mrs Gohler) reserve or just across the site: book. Eva Andersson-Dubin may not feel the same. For more information the author Dr. Horst Siegfried Werner references in addition his book financing”, 288 pages, 6 the Handelsblatt middle class library released as a band is.

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