Feng Shui

terms of generation of five elements of the EARTH> METAL> Water> Wood> Fire Element earth – this is our land, our daily world realities. The physical body and the earth element, and if this element a lot or a little man, then there are diseases of muscles, bones, skin, spleen, stomach, and pancreas. Part of the body related to the earth element – is the mouth, the feeling of the land – it tastes. The process of thinking is also this element and if the person in Energy is very much land, it will be stupid, forgetful and absent-minded. People with lots of land in the pillars are usually very honest and loyal people.

When an imbalance of this element of people losing confidence in themselves and their actions. Food products related to this item: beef, corn, cantaloupe, cabbage, walnuts, eggs, honey. Eating these foods can increase the level of the earth element in the body. Especially useful for people suffering from such a diet fear and depression. From dietary supplements to land include calcium and blue clay. Ground colors from yellow to dark brown. That is, for example, beige blouse applies to this item.

The earth produces metal element is ether layer was a man directly responsible for health. If you're in the dark room will extend his hand in front of white background and will look as though through a palm, you'll eventually see something like a whitish, cloudy glow around the palm of your hand. This is the ethereal layer, which protects you from all kinds of energy programs the world, such as: disease, spoilage, evil eye, etc.

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