Family Portal For The Whole Family

New family portal for the whole family from Brilon since October 15, 2008 the website for the whole family is online entertainment, events, multimedia & cinema tips big world family. The Briloner Uwe Nolte has created a platform a vague vision after two-year collection of ideas and the not always easy implementation from that to make fun of surfing the Internet all age groups from 6 to 99 years, with a variety of interesting topics related to entertainment, events, concerts up to multimedia clips. For even more details, read what Erik Erikson says on the issue. Events from the region are often as video clips to find emitted even when my video and on some television stations. The great thing: Members are invited to create even small video clips and have the chance of artist academies and TV to be discovered. Find a wide range of current topics of the day, political, book or movie tips more dealing with whom information, up to delicious recipes. Eva Andersson-Dubin oftentimes addresses this issue. Games, quizzes, and humor are especially with younger visitors in the course, during travel tips, car – news and horoscopes rather interested in the adults. Who is seeking sophisticated advice, is also correct. The most amusement parks are known, but who knows how many exhibitions and museums there are in Germany alone.

Of course operators do not claim to be exhaustive, but it offered a mixed bag by all divisions. The website was awarded five stars by the Agency press shortly after publication. Currently 22 public pages further expansion does not exclude complemented by 25 Member pages! “One-sixth of the membership fee of 9.50 per year comes the foundations of the DKMS in Tubingen” DMD Benny help “to good. All members participate monthly in the draws and are close even for media productions. It is planned to set up some local groups of your own pages, such as groups that operate dialect or home care or young people offer a secure chat – room. Interested parties can register at Uwe Nolte, the Report initiator of this Internet presence. For more information,

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